Saturday, 28 July 2012


Every now and then an album comes along which really stands out. However, in the words of the prologue "it would be stupid to try and tell you that the music you're listening to is nothing like you've ever heard before."

The Gaslight Anthem were introduced me by Ash, my boyfriend, in Spring 2009. The 59 Sound quickly became one of my favourite albums, followed by American Slang and a 'Stay Lucky' tattoo. The anticipation of Handwritten was made worse by the delay in shipment, but finally, it arrived.

The Gaslight Anthem - Handwritten

Whilst waiting for the songs to import in to iTunes, I took out the sleeve. The sentence quoted above started a beautiful piece of writing over two pages by the author of one of my favourite books, Nick Hornby. I already had a great feeling about this.

I listened to the album from start to finish a day later, and I cannot say a bad word. Beautiful lyrics as always, some ballsy guitars and that 50s sound. Keepsake, Howl, and "45" are such amazing songs, I know they will stick with me.
I cannot wait to watch them at Reading Festival this year, and again on their own tour in Birmingham. Gaslight, I love you.

PS. Make sure you watch the video for Handwritten, below

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