Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Lets Go To The Beach, Beach

Living in the South West of England should mean that we're close to beaches right? Wrong. Our nearest beach is Weston-Super-Mare, or as I always knew it as a kid "Weston-super-Mud" as the tide is always so far out, leaving the wet sand a brown gloopy mess. From home, it's about a 50 minute drive.
Back in 2008, the Grand Pier burnt down due to an "electrical fault." The Pier was rebuilt over the next two years and reopened in 2010. We hadn't visited yet, so thought that this weekend was as good as ever!

The sun was actually shining! Miracle! We wandered down the pier, and saw that a young lad who had ran with the Olympic torch was letting people hold it for photos! This is definately a photo to show the Grandkids.
Inside the Pier is amazing, and so much BIGGER than I ever remember it being. There's a Go Kart track, dodgems, claw machines (which don't even grasp any more, how is that fair?), 2p slots, air hockey, a few big fair rides and... the Ghost Train!
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Me being the massive wimp that I am spent the whole ride with my hands in front of my eyes grasping Ash's arm. I'm kicking myself for not getting my camera out inside the Pier as I know I could have got some great photos... as normal, it didn't even cross my mind until we'd already left. After a bit of thrill-seeking, we grabbed some lunch and then headed outside for donuts! It was literally just sugar on dough, so sickly. Ash didn't have many problems scoffing them down AND followed it up with an ice cream.

There's something about Weston which makes me feel very nostalgic. I spent many days in Primary School half terms there with my Grandparents, riding the donkeys and visiting the sea life centre, building sandcastles and hopping on the land train. It's not the prettiest beach in the world, but it's got something about it that just screams Great Britain.


On our way back to the car park, we noticed that the South West Scooter Club rally was in town. Rows and rows of amazing Lambrettas and Vespas! I took so many photos, I might even make a post just for them and the Instax pics I took on the day.

On our way home, we stopped off at the Thatcher's Cider Shop for some Traditional cider to take home. Ash got 5 litres of Medium whilst I perused the shelves for something a bit fizzier.

I'm already craving some proper sunshine, but our day our at Weston will have to do for now.

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