Friday, 17 August 2012

Love Is All You Need

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Shelley and Barney are a couple I 'knew of' for a while. Shelley's Mum and Step-Dad have been friends with my parents for years and I used to babysit their daughter (Shelley's sister), Jess, when she was younger. On Christmas Day last year, my family made the annual trip to the pub for a drink with friends whilst the turkey was in the oven, and whilst we were there Shelley's mum took my mobile number to enquire about photographs for their big day. Back in December last year, August felt a million miles away!

I met with them in April to have a chat about what they were looking for from their photos and was pleased that they were very relaxed. I have met some clients who are very controlling, show me other photographers work and tell me what photos they want me to take. What I loved about Shelley and Barney was that they were confident in me to let me be in control, something very invigorating on the day.

Before I knew it, it was August, and I was on my way to Shelley's to take the morning photos! I find these photos quite difficult as everyone is usually so busy and it feels wrong to ask them to stop for a photo. So instead, I crept around like a ninja snapping away, waited for the arrival of the car, got some pics of Shelley in her dress and zoomed off to the venue to meet Barney.

The wedding took place at the beautiful Charlton House Spa Hotel, tucked away in Shepton Mallet in Somerset. The gorgeous venue made my job a lot easier, especially the big doors out on to the patio which lit up the whole room. The registrar was very helpful, allowing me to move quite freely around the front of a room as long as I promised not to disturb the ceremony - situations like that make me love my 24-70mm lens.

The ceremony room

Barney (left) with his brother Matt and his nephew Charlie

The colour scheme was purples, pinks and whites


Grace asleep on Jess' shoulder before the wedding

Shelley and her Dad walking in to the venue

The Ceremony
The grounds of Charlton House are stunning  - there's a beautiful courtyard, a tiny orchard at the front, flowers and shrubs everywhere and a beautiful fountain at the front of the house.
One of my favourites from the day!

The Court Yard, Orangery
The luckiest thing about the day was the weather. Having a wedding in the middle of August would have usually guaranteed sunshine, but our British Summers are becoming more and more ambiguous. The magical thing is that Barney and Shelley picked their wedding day from a hat, and chose one of the only Summer Saturdays in 2012 that has had glorious sunshine!

Shelley looking stunning!

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