Friday, 28 September 2012


A few weeks ago, I went along to Montrose's video shoot which took place at an old factory site just outside of Wells city centre. The video was shot by Forever Media which includes one of my good friends from school, Lewis Jelley as well as Paul Marke and Thomas Ireland. (The lads are film and video graduates from the University of Glamorgan!) Lewis and I always used to team up in Media Studies so it was good to work together properly.

We parked up outside the gates of the factory (which were unlocked so we didn't technically break in) and started unloading the gear. (Standard Mulberry bag lumped amongst it all!) After an hour or so, they were ready to start!

Tracking shots recorded using a skateboard... amazing

They introduced some flour (!) just as the sun started to set, which made for some gorgeous shots, and messy cars and kit!

Watching the guys work has definitely made me appreciate how long it takes to film just a couple of minutes. We spent hours on the site to get footage for a 1 minute 43 second long track, plus all the editing time they put in to the effects. (Think about that the next time you watch Eastenders, or a 3 hours epic movie.) There are many similarities between still and moving images, but I have a lot of respect for these guys and their patience and talent. Working with photos is so much simpler!

You can watch the video below, and check out Montrose's Facebook page as well.

You can follow the band (@MontroseBand) an the lads on Twitter : @Ash_trowbo @iamjasonbishop @callmealexevans @samjchard

Monday, 17 September 2012


For me, Autumn is not just a season of change, but a time to try new things. I love this time of year when the leaves start changing, the nights draw in, and I'm allowed to light the fire again!

As for trying new things, A Beautiful Mess have inspired me to create some simple goals for the season. As Elsie explains on A Beautiful Mess, I want to set life-enriching goals that are actually easy to do, but lack that fuel to actually get them done. So, here goes...

1. Cook seasonal recipes frequently. I love cooking! There's something lovely about pleasing your favourite people with a good meal that is really satisfying, and I think Autumn and Winter have the best recipes. This weekend I cooked a Butternut Squash, Sweet Potato and Red Pepper soup which was gorgeous (if I do say so myself) but its a recipe I did last year so I'd like to try new things. (If you have any seasonal recipes you think I'd like, please let me know!) I think I may even start my own recipe book.
2. Hand make lots of Christmas goodies. This is quite a challenging one for me... although I know I have a good eye behind a lens, I struggle when it comes to delicate handmade things as I can be quite clumsy. I've recently started cross stitching and I've started a scrap book to try to help me hone in on my handy work. Six months of stitching by machine for a living obviously didn't rub off! It's the same feeling of satisfaction that you get from cooking too, so I cant wait to get properly stuck in.
3. Learn to not overspend. I get so much joy out of a new dress or pair of shoes, it's quite sad. But I get even more joy out of saving money. I'm really in a point in my life where I would like to move out in the next 12 months and I can't do that without a good financial backing. I need to retrain my mind to be more loving towards my bank account. My employers offer a Christmas savings scheme which means I don't have to put anything back for the season, but it also means that I feel like I have spare cash. Instead, I must pay my debts and leave it in a savers account to grow... This is definitely going to be the most difficult.
4. Photograph more. I constantly set myself this goal but never seem to actually achieve it - except for on my iPhone. I have 3 cameras with film rolls that need to be used up, as well as neglecting my DSLR when I'm not working with it. My Dad's borrowing it next week (dum dum dumm!) and after that, I'm going to make a little promise to carry it as frequently as possible in my bag. Just me and 50mm until New Year.

I'll report back with progress soon.
Rosie x