Saturday, 6 October 2012


Today has been the most beautiful Autumn day - a blue sky, a slight breeze, sunshine.. lovely. Ash and I went to Wells for a wander in the sunshine. Wells is the smallest city in England, and about the only city I've been to that doesn't feel intimidating. Saturday is market day.

I finally tried Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte... it's lovely and may have overtaken my favourite Vanilla Latte! Unfortunately, the Starbucks in Wells is shutting down tomorrow, meaning my closest one is in Bath, bummer!

Ash can never resist record shopping, and he came away with some bargain Jimi Hendrix LPs. I'm looking forward to our annual Camden record haul in December, we always have fun digging out treasures. I guess it's the same thrill that people get from thrifting.

We walked through the Gatehouse to the lawn in front of Bishops Palace. My Aunty works here now and it's definitely in my mind as a lovely wedding venue... you know, if that ever happens... I hope there was a wedding there today, it would have been the most perfect weather for a wedding. 

Gorgeous Autumn colours are changing everywhere, I can't wait for all the red leaves. Is that really sad? This is the time of year when I start to get nostalgic about things that have happened this year... but I'll save that for another post.

The Moat around Bishops Palace

Wells Cathedral holds many memories for me. From school trips to do stone rubbings when I was a little girl, taking lots of photos of the West Front with my Dad and discovering Vicars Close for the first time, visiting my Grandad when he used to volunteer in the library, and eventually it's where his funeral was held.

We went in to the Craft Fair - I was expecting cute embroideries but just got lots and lots of knitted babies hats and old ladies looking miserable. We didn't stay long.
The marketplace is famous in itself for having one of Wells' wells (another being in the Bishops Palace and one in the back of the Cathedral grounds), but it's also famous for it's amazing local produce. There was honey, cheese, cider (well, we are in Somerset), fudge, and even a Thai food stall (???)

And beautiful autumnal shades at the florist's stall!

Wells is also famous for being the main location for the movie Hot Fuzz which was filmed here in 2007. Wells was transformed in to Sanford for a while. Recognise this?

And if you turn your back to The Swan Hotel, you'll see my favourite view of the city. If you're ever in my neck of the woods, make sure you visit Wells.

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