Monday, 26 November 2012


I always feel sort of lost around Christmas time, remembering my Grandparents and how much I miss them. My bedroom is an attic room, meaning family photo albums are never too far away. Tonight was one of the rare nights that I had to get them out and have a look through. I believe my interest in photography stemmed totally from my Grandad, and it seems that my love of scrapbooking and documenting also came from him - a lot of the photos have notes on the back of them or written alongside. The photos below are full of history - their European holidays, family Christmasses, and beautiful scenery - and there's boxes more where they came from.


It's amazing what you can find a couple old cardboard boxes - including an invitation to my Grandparents wedding.

Sarcastic notes on the back of beautiful postcards.

And highly embarrassing photos of me and my sister one snowy morning.

Keep your family close this Winter. x

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