Thursday, 29 November 2012

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas - Top 5

Following on from my Halloween Top 5 movies, here's my favourite 5 seasonal films to watch in front of the fire on cold evenings, preferably with lots of nibbly food and mulled wine. And no, my Top 5 doesn't feature Die Hard.

1. Elf - The ultimate Christmas movie. I love the stupidity, the hilarity and the magic of it. This movie has the best lines EVER and is the start to Christmas for me. I'll be watching it this weekend with my niece - she's never seen it before so I hope she loves it.

2. Love Actually - I've actually watched this already, as it starts 6 weeks before Christmas (so I had to watch it then.. just because.) I think it's the Britishness of this film that I love so much, especially the stiff upper lip of Hugh Grant's Prime Minister. And of course, the clever intertwining stories of love all over the world. Because love, actually, is all around.

3. The Grinch - No explanation necessary!

4. The Holiday - Not quite a firm family favourite, but can you really go wrong with a film which has Jude Law and Jack Black? I didn't think so! Although I can't imagine ever being away from home at Christmas, I guess I'm kind of inspired by the story line. Although I'd still pick the quaint English cottage over the plush LA place. Plus, Jude Law and Jack Black are in it...

5. A Muppets Christmas Carol - THE SONGS! There's nothing better than singing at Christmas. And as Buddy the Elf would say "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear." Anything Charles Dicken's did is good in my book, but it's even better when the Muppets are involved too. Light the lamp, not the rat!

There's only one more day in November, can you believe it? What are you doing to get yourself in the Christmas mood?

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