Thursday, 10 January 2013

21 in Paris

One of Charlotte's recent posts made me nostalgic for our trip to Paris last February. We spontaneously booked a few nights at Hotel de l'Alma over my 21st birthday. Apart from being struck down with sickness for the entire time and missing out on the Moulin Rouge, it was still wonderful.

Silhouettes inside Notre Dame

Being scared by pigeons outside the Notre Dame!

My favourite thing to do in Paris is to walk from the Notre Dame to the Arc de Triomphe. I've done it each time I've visited the city and I always find something new. This time, it was Pont des Arts. Of course, I'd been there before when I was younger, but it felt right to wander along with Ash this time. Rumour has it, Pont des Arts has padlocks of couple who are deeply in love, whilst Pont  de l’ArchevĂȘchĂ© is where you would attach a lock with your mistress. They attach the lock together and toss the keys in to the Seine. Which is exactly what we did. We bought a padlock from a souvenir shop next to Notre Dame and scrawled on our lock. We wandered up to Pont des Arts, hung it on the bridge and threw our keys below. I really hope to go back to Paris soon and to see if we can find it again.

On the evening before my birthday, we had a table booked at the Hard Rock Cafe. The cocktails were amazing and the food was HUGE!


After we'd eaten, we caught the Metro to the Tower, blackmailed the security guards to let me go up with my Hard Rock shopping (it was a cocktail glass, they weren't impressed!) and waited on the top for midnight. This is probably a moment which I will never forget. There really was something so life affirming about that moment, it was my favourite of 2012.


We were due to go to the Moulin Rouge for my birthday. Well, we got there, but I was so sick that we couldn't stay. I wish I could have just sucked it up and enjoyed the show, but running to the toilets every couple of minutes was tiring and embarrassing. Ash managed to neck the champagne on our table, however, so he didn't do too badly! The next morning, we booked to come home on an earlier flight which was such a shame. But we made the most of our remaining time, and travelled up to Montmartre to look at my favourite view of Paris, below, and to visit Sacre Coeur.

Nearly a year down the line, I still have regrets about leaving early. But the fact that my illness lasted for almost two weeks after I got home proves it was for the best. We will definitely go back in the future. No matter what, we'll always have Paris.

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