Friday, 18 January 2013



Snow days are my favourite! Yesterday at work, I was asked to keep an eye on the forecast to see what the chances were of not being able to open today. There's 400 people where I work, so if the weather gets too bad, it's difficult to keep the car park in a usable and safe state. The snow came in at around 4am this morning. I have never been so happy to get a call at 6.30am from my boss!


After a quick fry up and a cuppa, I headed outside with the dogs. The snow was coming down hard and my camera got pretty wet. It's still snowing pretty heavily now. Dad starting throwing snow balls up in the air for the dogs to catch. They didn't quite understand why they couldn't grab it in their teeth!

We then took a walk up to the main road and saw a few cars struggling to get up the small hill outside. In my opinion, it's not worth risking your car just for a days work!

It's really beautiful out today. I hope it stays put for the weekend! My only complaint is that it didn't snow a month ago, I've still never seen a white Christmas!

Wrap up warm and stay safe! X

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