Sunday, 17 February 2013

Smells Like Twenties Spirit

As I mentioned in my "25 Things About Me" post, I like to link my perfumes to specific times, holidays, or months. Then the next time I spritz my skin my memories are revived. (This is biologically proven, not just something I've made up!) These scents are ones I'm using at the moment.

Marc Jacobs' "Dot"
My parents bought me this for Christmas last year. Hopefully, somewhere down the line, it'll remind me of the happiest January I've had for years! I've always liked Marc Jacob's perfumes, they sit on my skin for hours and always smell so fresh. Dot is very sweet and fruity.

Katy Perry "Purr"
A cheaper perfume which I doused myself in on our first big holiday abroad, to Egypt, in April 2011. We went all out to a 5 star resort in Sharm el Sheikh. It was amazing! I rebought Purr not too long ago as I loved how 'everyday' it is, and wear it to work most of the time. It will always remind me of 30 degree heat and rum cocktails overlooking the Red Sea.

Miss Dior
I'd like to think this is my signature. It's gorgeous. I was given this perfume in Christmas 2011 but I didn't use it until our trip to Paris last February. It'll always bring back memories of the city, of my charm bracelet from Ash, of walking along the Seine and going to the Eiffel Tower at midnight. It's just getting to the end of the bottle, and I am dying for another.

And these are some old favourites;

Marc Jacobs' "Daisy"
I got this perfume for the Christmas during my last year of school, at sixth form. Although school doesn't hold many happy memories for me, Daisy always takes me back to revising for my English exams in the Spring sunshine on the school field, whilst the rest of the school was in class. It's beautifully light and fresh.

DKNY Red Delicious
This was the first perfume I was ever given when I was about 17. It takes me back to nights out sneakily drinking double vodka and oranges at the bar, house parties with friends and summer BBQs.

CK Shock for Her
I really love CK perfumes for Summer, and this one I took away for a week in Newquay to celebrate a friends 21st. The British weather came up trumps and we had a lovely few days in the sun.

What's your favourite perfumes? Do you have a signature? x

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