Sunday, 31 March 2013

Raspberry Mojito Cocktail Recipe

There's been a tiny hint of Spring's arrival in the past few days and this is the cocktail I made to celebrate that! Mojito's are my favourite cocktails anyway (did you see the recipe for my Mojito cupcakes?), so I'm always looking to twist up the classic recipe. Here's what to do:

Shake 50ml white rum - such as Bacardi - with ice, 1 tbsp sugar syrup, some chopped fresh mint, juice from half a lime and 6 or 7 raspberries. You have to really really shake it if your raspberries are fresh, but if they're just about to go over like mine were, the juice comes out pretty easily.
Muddle some lime wedges  and mint in the bottom of your glass (I just bought this muddler from eBay), add lots of ice and strain the rum/raspberry mix. Top up with soda water. And that's it!

A couple of tips:
- If you don't have sugar syrup, spoon a tsp of caster sugar into the shaker instead - but you will have to shake it for even longer to make sure the sugar dissolves.
- Before adding the mint to the shaker or the glass, clap it between your hands. You will look a little bit crazy but it bruises the leaves and allows the flavour and scent to come out.
- Not keen on soda water? Try using lemonade to sweeten it a little more.

It doesn't just have to stop with raspberries! After this I did exactly the same but used strawberries, and I also can't wait to try out a watermelon mojito. Do you have any other variations which work? I think I might try lemon and lime too!

Have a great Easter Sunday! X

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