Sunday, 3 March 2013

Scrapbook: 2012 Part One

I began scrapbooking last year when my pile of Instax photos started to get bigger. Not only are Instax photos super cool, they're also pretty expensive, so I wanted somewhere to keep them safe. I signed up to the A Beautiful Mess Life is Beautiful e-course for inspiration (link), gathered some supplies and began. 2012 was such a great year for me that I wanted something to look back on over the years to remind me of the fun we had. We're already in our third month of 2013, and I've only got up to August in last years scrapbook. I will get it finished this month!

I chose a Paperchase kraft square scrapbook (link) for my scrapbook. I wanted something smaller than A4 that was a neutral colour, and at under £10 this one was perfect.
First of all, I organised all my Instax photos into date order, gathered ticket stubs, receipts, newspaper cut outs and other bits and bobs which I wanted to include, and then ordered my first bunch of Printstagram photos. I use Instagram pretty much every day, so there's a lot of memories on there which wouldn't have been included if I didn't get those prints. They cost me around $25 which included shipping for 48 mini squares. Printstagram even do sticker books and framed prints now, pretty cool! I also ordered some 6 x 4 and 7 x 5 photos from Truprint of some holiday snaps which I wanted to include. 

Family announcement in the local paper

I planned each page individually, placing photos down and moving them around, writing down lists of events of last year in the order which they happened so I didn't get them muddled up, and then sticking post it notes on each page so I didn't forget to put them in order. It took me quite a long time to settle on some pages, but others were very easy. The layout completely depended on how much I wanted to fit on each page or how many pages I wanted to use. It took time but I've been happy with each page.

Buying my new car, and selling my old car
Long weekend in Ireland
The Olympic torch at Weston Super Mare

Most of the photos were attached with photo corners to preserve them. Others I glued straight on to the page and then taped around the edge for effect. You can buy all sorts of washi tape from eBay - I have yellow, green stripe, red polkadot and babyblue with ditsy flowers.

Dark Knight Rises cinema tickets and celebrating 3 years together

For some wording throughout the scrapbook, I used rubber stamps (below). It looks pretty cool, it's got a ransom note vibe! I bought the stamps from eBay and already had an ink pad, but you can get these cheaply in the supermarket. I also got a few Paris stamps from Paperchase for my Paris pages near the beginning. Stamping those Blink-182 lyrics above took me a good hour so bear that in mind when you start. You also get very messy hands, so you'll want to make sure  Other things I've just written in black biro straight onto the kraft paper, or onto colourful paper which I've then stuck in.

Reading Festival

My favourite pages are from Reading Festival. I'm so glad I chose that weekend to go Insta-crazy because it's resulted in some great pages in my book, and amazing memories to look back on. There's 6 pages in total, including our wristbands, train tickets and a good amount of Prinstagram photos. I have a separate photo album full of fish eye photos from each of the 3 Reading fests I've been to.

Once I finish the rest of the scrapbook, I'll be sure to share it with you. After starting this one, I realised how much there is to learn about scrapbooking. What started off as a way to record memories has become a great hobby. I've already got one lined up ready to record everything from 2013 and I can't wait to begin that one. I also have another ready to fill with all my favourite cocktail recipes!

Do you scrapbook? Do you have any tips for me? x

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  1. What a sweet album! Really lovely.
    I used to keep my photos like that. Now they are just in the computer. Sad, really.

    1. Maybe that could be something else to do before you're 30? :)

  2. I started a scrapbook last summer, it was a gift for my lil sis and it turned out to be so much, couldn't fll the entire thing for her but now she continues to add to it, it's so much fun looking back at actual photos as opposed to sliding through iphone x

  3. i love this book, it's so cute and perfect for any trip..i also love the paper you used, it has that "recycled" look!

  4. In love with you scrapbooks you've put together! They look so natural and simple. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

  5. I wish I was better at scrapbooking! This looks great!
    xo TJ

  6. Oh I love that. It looks very nice! I havent been doing that for years and years...

  7. This is so adorable! My bf and I have a scrapbook from our first year of dating, I wish we kept up with it! I'll have to get back into it now!

  8. I really love this, it is really wonderful! You did such a great job.

  9. This is so cute, I need to take inspiration and do something like this!

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook


  10. Oh it's so nice! Now I am totally in the mood to do the same, but there is this stupid term paper waitimg for me to write it :(

  11. This is lovely, and I love the way you have laid it out!!
    Will be so much more motivated to do one once the weather is lovely and can do it outside in the sun! (Whilst eating a Mojito cupcake?!)

    Emily Jay's Masquerade