Saturday, 16 March 2013

St Patrick's Day Nails

We visited Ireland for a few days last year, and it was great. We stayed in a tiny town outside of Cork as some friends of ours had some gigs at one of the local bars. The people were very kind and the Guinness was very good! Tonight, my local is putting on some Irish music in homage to St Patricks Day tomorrow so I thought I'd paint my nails to match the occasion.

I did two coats of Models Own Green Tea and allowed them to fully dry. I did try out a four leaf clover on my left thumb but I really messed it up and ended up repainting it!

To paint the flag, I carefully did two coats of Models Own Peaches and Cream down the right side of the nail and allowed it to dry. I then used the striper brush in the nail art pen to straighten the lines of the flag and fill in the middle. I used the dotter side of the nail art pen to do the polkadots. Et voila!

We're going to Dublin in 12 weeks. Until then, I'm looking forward to appreciating the Irish from afar tonight! Happy St Patricks Day! :) x

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