Thursday, 4 April 2013

Early Spring Snapshots

Spring has sprung. And it lasted two days! We've gone from a glorious Easter weekend to snow flurries again in Somerset. No denying - I LOVE snow, especially snow days off work, but I'm getting a little fidgety with this weather.

The other weekend I went to see my Grandparents on their farm. I never appreciated the beauty of the land they live on until recently - look at those views over the Mendips! When I was younger, I used to explore all the fields with our dog and my sister, and now we're visiting the farm with my niece. It's lovely, but it also reminds me how quickly time goes. (Says she who's only just turned 22..) Not that long ago, Ash and I walked down to the field just behind the milk shed to be confronted with an unhappy Billy bull. We didn't stick around there long.

The sun was out but the wind was cold. We drank tea, ate hot cross buns and wandered around the garden. My niece, looking super cool in leopard print, stripes and sequins, loves running around after the dog or watching the chickens.

It's very inspiring to me that my Grandparents are in their 70s and still farming.

The reason we went to the farm that day wasn't just to drink tea and wander around in the cold sun. Our elderly neighbour was recently taken in to a nursing home, leaving her adopted cat, Kizzy, alone at home. Our neighbours family did drop in every day to feed her, but my parents could see it was becoming a burden for them, and Kizzy got lonely, meowing at anyone walking past. Mum offered to take Kizzy to the farm to live there with my Grandparents. Nana can look after any animal - in my lifetime I've seen cows being born, I've hatched a duck when it couldn't break itself out of it's shell, and I've seen so many other creatures there. We even hatched a neglected nest of pheasants and released them on the farm. We've found wounded ducks and taken them there. They are our own personal animal sanctuary.

Kizzy was a bit stressed out at first. She hated being in the cage but needed to get used to her surrounding for a few hours before they let her explore the farmhouse, room by room. 2 weeks later, she's sleeping in the airing cupboard, napping in the sun outside and cuddling up with the other kittys on the farm (and no doubt, stalking the chicks as well.)


  1. Such beautiful pictures! Really!
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  2. Lovely photos x

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  3. These are some gorgeous photos! I think it's awesome that your grandparents have a farm :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  4. Thsse photos are so lovely - you must have seen some truly amazing things on the farm. I absolutely love animals! Kizzy looks like such a sweetheart xp

  5. you have such a pretty blog :) just saying xoxo

  6. Pretty spring snapshots girl!! Happy Friday!!

  7. Really nice photos! They are very beautiful :) X