Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Guinness Storehouse - Walking Tour

When you think of Dublin, you think of the black stuff. You think of the perfection of pouring a pint, the waiting time, the top up... If you hold it to the light, the black turns ruby red, and once you've drank it, it's like you've just had dessert. Pouring Guinness is an art form, something we learnt more about in the Guinness Academy which I'll post soon. But for now, here's some snapshots of inside the Guinness Storehouse, at St James's Gate Brewery in Dublin.

The Brewery is just outside of the city centre, but easily accessible on the Hop On, Hop Off buses which run around the city. In fact, ours dropped us off just outside the front door! We bought 'Skip the Queue' tickets from Viator so walked straight past the crowd and into the tour.

First of all, you learn about how Guinness is made. There are four main ingredients in Guinness: Hops, Barley, Yeast & Water. The walking tour takes you around each element, explaining why you need it and how you use it. It's very self-informative, with slogans on the walls, graphics on the floor and information points all around.

The water is such a key point - rumour used to say that the water was pulled from the Liffey to brew the black stuff, but the truth is that it runs from St James's Wells on the Wicklow Mountains, which you can see from the Gravity Bar at the top of the Storehouse. This huge, loud waterfall inside the Storehouse is scattered with coins - the luck of the Irish perhaps?

After the 'making of' came the advertising. Guinness is so famous for it's adverts and slogans, and of course the harp logo, based on the famous 14th century O'Neill harp, which is preserved in Trinity College. The Downhill harp in the Storehouse advertising lobby (above) dates back to 1702 and was bought by Guinness in the 60s to preserve it.

My favourite Guinness ads have got to be John Gilroy's - bright colours and witty slogans. We even got to feature in our own!

The TV adverts were just as great. Who remembers the surfers? There was a really cool display (above) with sections of the wall adorned with different memorabilia from that decade whilst the TV below played the adverts of the time. The TV they had in the 90s was actually the one we used to have at home! Quite a cool touch if you ask me.

After walking around this floor, we made our way up to the one place we really wanted to be... The Gravity Bar. Check back tomorrow for more on that! Rosie x

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  1. Oh man, that looks like so much fun! I'm also a big fan of the My Goodness My Guinness ads. I would love to see the different tv ads with matching decor!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. This is so cool! It must have been so fun to visit the brewery. I hope you got to taste some beer too ;)



    Southern (California) Belle

  3. I long to go to Dublin once. The pictures look amazing!

  4. Thanks for your lovely words, it is much appreciated!
    Wow, this is such an amazing place!

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