Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Love All, Serve All : Hard Rock Cafe Dublin

If you haven't been to a Hard Rock Cafe before, let me sum it up for you. It's a chain of restaurants/bars full of music memorabilia which serves amazing cocktails and even better burgers! I love Hard Rocks, a lot. When I first visited the London cafe I was in awe. Our server was way past retirement age with perfectly permed curls and a bomber jacket covered in pins. She was a blur of pastel colours, just like you'd imagine Frenchy to be when she got older... (hey, Grease was released a long time ago, for all I know it was Frenchy!) The walls were adorned with incredible items from musics past and the Vaults below hide the icing on the cake - Jimi Hendrix's first left handed flying V, Elton John's credit card with his own face on, Madonna's bustier from her Blonde Ambition tour, handwritten Beatles lyrics by John Lennon (complete with coffee cup stain) and much, much more.

We stumbled across Dublin's Hard Rock whilst wandering around Temple Bar after our Guinness Storehouse tour on our first afternoon in Ireland. Although Dublin's collection couldn't compare to the Vault in London, it's still fascinating to see signed Beatles prints, U2 lyrics handwritten by Bono and a shirt which Elvis wore. After we ordered our burgers, I wandered around the cafe reading the plaques and snapping photos of the historic pieces on the walls.

Hands down, my favourite thing about the Hard Rock Cafe is their cocktail menu. When I first visited HR London, the server told me about their Keeper glasses - when you get to take home a clean version of the glass you had your cocktail in for half the price of the drink. I'm collecting Hurricane glasses to display in our first house and so far have London, Paris, Sharm el Sheikh and of course, Dublin. I'm excited to add San Francisco and Las Vegas to the list next year!

My drink was a Tropical Rock - Absolut Raspberry Vodka, crème de banane, piña colada mix and Midori Melon Liqueur float, garnished with a maraschino cherry. Perfect for a hot Saturday in Dublin.

Believe it or not, the cheapest place we found to drink Guinness in Dublin was in the Hard Rock, at only €4 a pint - most of the pubs in Temple Bar were more towards the €5! We happily came back on Sunday night for a drink before heading out to the Ha'Penny Bridge Inn as it was so affordable. They even head a dedicated €5 cocktail menu which pleased me a lot - the cheapest I'd seen cocktails advertised anywhere else was €8!

Have you visited any Hard Rocks around the world? Can you recommend one? Rosie x

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  1. Thanks for your lovely words, it is much appreciated!
    I've never been to a Hard Rock Café before, I so must go one day!

    Have a great day,

  2. that looks like an awesome place!

  3. Hey, I'm planning on going to Dublin soon with my boyfriend, which hotel or b&b did you stay in?! I can't choose which one to go for ahh!

    1. Hi Carina! We stayed in the Best Western Academy Plaza which was just off Upper O'Connell street. Really great location(hop on buses start outside the hotel!) about 15 min walk from Temple Bar and the airport buses stop at O'Connell street. If I can be of any help email me :) Rosie x

  4. That Def Leppard girls ass guitar man! It rules! Thanks for the cocktail link I'm checking out all of them now so awesome xx