Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Welcome to Dublin

The Spire
First pint
The Liffey

On Saturday, Ash and I flew out to Dublin with my parents for a couple of nights in a new city. We drank a lot of Guinness and Bulmers, saw some brilliant live music in Temple Bar and enjoyed breathing in the Irish charm. It's true what they say, you know - the Irish can't do enough for you.

Dublin was a milestone before our American adventure... now there's only Reading Festival and Christmas in between us and the Californian coast.
More Dublin photos to follow in the next few days. Rosie x


  1. wow Dublin looks lovely :) I find it so weird that being in England, I live so close to Ireland, but I've never been! x


    1. Oh you should, it's so nice. We went to a little town just outside of Cork last year which was nice too. I think the beautiful weather this weekend made our trip a million times better though :) Rosie x

  2. Wonderful pictures! Dublin is definitely a city I'd love to visit.