Thursday, 15 August 2013

Festival Countdown: 1 Week

ONE WEEK TO GO! I am so excited. My head is working overtime trying to remember things I have to pack, things I've already packed and things I still need to buy. ANXIETY OVERLOAD. The majority of my 'to pack' list is clothing. The weather forecast is looking alright at the moment, but I will still be packing for every outcome - and the key to this is layers!

Last year's festival was pretty dry, albeit a bit cold in the evenings. Oh, and the part where it absolutely threw it down during Florence and the Machine! Most days I wore a dress with long socks and wellies. (Above outfit: sunglasses - free from a magazine, dress - ASOS, socks - Topshop, wellies - Iron Fist, bag - Animal) and this year I plan on doing pretty much the same. This makes it easy to layer for the evenings - a pair of black leggings and a cardigan chucked into my bag.

Here's a couple of wish list outfits  - except number two, which I bought last week!

All these outfits would be absolutely fine with a pair of leggings, a chunky cardigan and a rain mac (or 85p ASDA poncho - I am the height of fashion.)

Outfit One - dress/shoes. I love mint, and this tea dress is right up my street. I also really love half-height wellies, they look so much more feminine.

Outfit Two - dress/shoes. Monochrome always ticks boxes. I love that the dress is a little longer at the back, and I am SO happy that jellies are cool again.

Outfit Three - dress/shoes. I love the bright colours in this dress, and smock dresses are surprisingly flattering on my shape... mostly because they hide things! These lovely Hunter wellies are cute, albeit slightly out of my price range.

My parents actually spoiled me a few weeks ago with a gorgeous pair of violet Hunter's, but I'm not sure whether to take those or my half height Iron Fist wellies from last year. In real life, I definitely won't be packing more than one pair of wellies, although if I knew I didn't have to carry everything to camp I may reconsider ;)

What do you think of my outfit choices?

Rosie x


  1. love the outfits you paired up, hope you have a blast xo

  2. I'm loving all of these outfits! Adorable. Gorgeous. You're going to have so much fun :)

  3. Love this post, I'm going Reading this year too, CAN'T WAIT

  4. I love mint as well, those boots are super cute!

  5. Those wellies are so cute, and a clever move from you to use free sunglasses at the festival - I lost a good pair of mine once and it wasn't fun!


  6. I love all of those outfit choices and have been seriously wanting a pair of hunter boots, but living in Texas hardly justifies them.

    I absolutely love festivals of all sorts and hope you have a blast!


  7. I'm so gutted I'm not going to Leeds this year! I've got to Hurricane Festival in Germany for the last two years which is pretty sweet but still fancied doing Leeds as well. Have a great time! I have a festival guide on my blog if your having trouble packing or anything :) xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger