Thursday, 8 August 2013

Festival Countdown: 2 Weeks

It's only 2 weeks until I'll be camped up at Reading Festival! Now I've sorted my transport and accommodation (trains and tent - see 3 Week Countdown here) I can think about the smaller things, which are obviously just as important.

I'm not a big fan of camping, so I like to make my experiences as comfortable as I can. The weather will totally change a camping experience - the first Reading I went to was warm and dry. The second was cold and wet. I enjoyed both the same, but it was definitely a completely different experience, mostly dictated by mud!

On my 'To Pack' list:
Simple Kind to Skin cleansing face wipes - there will be no cleansing or toning going on in those fields, that's for sure. I use these wipes a lot at home anyway as they're good for dry skin.
Johnson's baby wipes - because by day 3, I will be glad of a baby wipe shower. Also useful for cleaning mud off the tent, or my new Hunter wellies!
Batiste dry shampoo - aka greasy fringe destroyer! If I can put off washing my hair in cold water for as long as possible, I will.
Carex sensitive hand gel - festival toilets are generally not equipped that well with soap, and it's always nice to have clean hands before tucking in to a sloppy burger!
Sure Women compressed deodorant - you can't go wrong with Sure, and the new compressed cans means it's small enough to carry around in the day.

Funny story - I dislocated my thumb one year whilst gracefully falling backwards into my tent. The pure shock of the dislocation made me pop it back in pretty quickly, but it hurt a lot after. A trip to the medic tent the next morning advised me to put an ice pack on it to try to keep the swelling down, and take painkillers. Did they have either? No. So they advised me to grab a cold cider from the bar and keep the cup pressed against my thumb. The alcohol would numb the pain... Since then, I've gone a little more prepared!

On my 'To Pack' list:
Plasters -  I'll split a pack in half and keep some in the tent and some on my person. Even if I don't use them, I guarantee someone will ask for one at some point. Blisters in wellies are the worst!
Painkillers - Headaches, bruises, swelling...hangovers... a few paracetamol tablets or iboprufen sneaked in my handbag should be plenty - just in case.
Suncream - Maybe good old Mother Nature will be kind to us, and maybe my fair skin will need extra protection! I'll be taking SPF 50 - no more, no less!
I'll also pack other little things which I already have at home like Savlon (campfire burns? unexpected chafing?!), sting and bite relief cream, allergy tablets and chapstick with SPF.

Festival style is not my forte - but more about that next week. Even if the clothes I'm wearing are there to simply keep me warm and dry, at least I can make my face a little bit presentable! I'll be packing make up which I can put on in the morning and not worry about until the face wipes come out in the evening.

On my 'To Pack' list:
Powder - Liquid foundation can stay at home as I won't be faffing about with that. Maybelline's Fit Me Powder Flawless will do just fine.
Eyeshadow - Maybelline's Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze is really amazing at staying put.
Eyeliner - Urban Decay's 24/7 liquid liner in Perversion has been a firm favourite in the past month, as it actually does what it says on the tin. My cat flick will be in attendance.
Waterproof mascara - I'll be packing my No 7 Extreme Length mini which came in a little gift set at Christmas.
Nail polish & remover - I'll paint my nails before we go and seal with lashings of Seche Vite, but just in case there are any horrendous chips, I'd like to be prepared! I'll be taking MUA's mini £1 polish in Bright Pink and some remover pads.
I'll also need to remember a hair brush, kirby grips, hair bands and a mirror.

What are your festival essential to help you keep clean, stay safe and look good? What have I forgotten? Rosie x

All these photos were taken on a Lomography Fish Eye camera at Reading Festival 2010.


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  2. LOVE LOVE these fisheye images! SO CUTE! x

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  4. Hello, thanks so much for your sweet comment!
    Wipes are definitely the saver for festivals!

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  5. have fun you x

  6. ah have a great time, I went to leeds way back in 2010 and loved it!

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  7. Amazing photos! I love the lomo fisheye so so much!