Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Katy Perry Killer Queen Fragrance Review

First of all - I am no fragrance guru. I understand the 'notes' which makes up a fragrance, but that's almost as far as it gets. In my opinion, if it smells good, suits me and sits on my skin for a good amount of time then it ticks my boxes.

Miss Perry is one of my favourite artists, stemming back from 'I Kissed A Girl' and the amazing show I saw in KOKO, Camden at one of her first UK tours off the back of the 'One of the Boys' album. I bought Purr when that was released a few years ago, and it was always my everyday scent. The best thing about celebrity fragrances is the price tag - they're always cheaper than designer smells.
I preordered 100ml of Killer Queen - named after the Queen song - from Very.co.uk for £39.99. It arrived this morning, and crikey, it smells good.

Now for the 'technical' bits (taken from Fragrantica.com) - "Top notes include wild berries, dark plum and bergamot accords. The main note of the heart is velvety red flower (Celosia), but there are also Sambac jasmine and rainbow plumeria. The base contains cashmere, patchouli and liquid praline." Got that? In real girl terms, THIS SMELLS GOOD. I spritzed this morning when it arrives and I can still smell it lingering around me 6 hours later. The packaging is also beautiful - a dark red jewel shaped bottle, mimicking a Royal sceptre. Much more mature than the pink and purple Kitty Purry's of her previous fragrances.

I know this is going to fit straight in to my morning routine and become my end of Summer fragrance.
Have you smelt Killer Queen yet? What's your favourite celebrity fragrance?

Rosie x


  1. Will definitely have to try this now! Loved Purr & this one looks even better xx

  2. I'll have to give this a smell when I'm next in a fragrance store, the packaging looks lovely x


  3. I've heard this is a really good scent to be fair! I'm usually quite sceptical about fragrances by celebrities - I bought myself the first Beyoncé perfume, I believe it's called Heat and is in a blue bottle and it was terrible! Literally like one of those Disney sprays you can buy for little girls. Katy Perry is the only one I've heard to be really good and of course everyone used to rave about Britney's! Might have to give this a whizz, the thought of plum sounds delicious!

    Love your blog too, now following :) xx

  4. It sounds like such a perfect smell! Will definitely be giving this beauty a sniff for myself, haha. :)

    Debra Bros Blog

  5. Thanks for your lovely words on my last post!
    I haven't even seen this perfume out yet but I'll have a look next time I'm in a drugstore!

    Have a great day,

  6. excellent review! sounds wonderful!

  7. This perfume sounds so perfect!! I want to try it now!

    Xo, Hannah


  8. I'm not often a fan of celeb fragrances, I think the britney ones put me off for life! But ms perry seems like a woman of good taste, and the description sounds nice, so perhaps I'll give myself a spritz next time im in boots!

    Rosie x

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