Thursday, 29 August 2013

Specs Appeal - Glasses Direct

Since I started Secondary school in 2002, my eyesight has been deteriorating. Maybe this is from many hours squinting at The Simpsons on a TV screen when I was a kid and even more hours writing HTML codes for MySpace layouts, or maybe it's just what was meant to happen. When I was in Year 7 I got my first pair of (uber uncool) glasses and reluctantly wore them only when I really needed too. Having a surname beginning with W meant that most of my lessons were from the back of the class - alphabetised seating plans - so I'd get major headaches without them. Before too long, my eyesight worsened from -0.75 to  -1.0, and almost ten years down the line I'm now at -3.0.

Just before my 18th birthday, I tried out contact lenses and started wearing them every day. But there were always times when contacts just wouldn't do, like in hayfever season, first thing in the morning or after a few too many cocktails... My untrendy, standard glasses would come out again and I would hate wearing them more than not being able to see. Eventually I switched from my small-town optician with limited range, to one of the bigger high street chains with designer frames, and I finally began choosing glasses which I liked, which suited me, and which made me feel good. But there was a downfall - the price. One pair of frames would set me back over £100 and I'd be stuck with them, no matter what outfit I was wearing. Sometimes, wearing my glasses would completely change how I felt about my whole outfit.

Back in June, I knew I wanted a new pair of glasses so I could switch up my style a bit more. I knew that some online retailers had great deals, but I was dubious about buying online without knowing if they'd suit me. This is when I checked out the Glasses Direct website, and was amazed to read about their Home Trial. Home Trial allows you to pick up to 4 frames to be delivered to your home so you can try them on before you buy. When you've decided, you simply pop them back in the post using the free post label inside. I chose the frames I liked the look of and they arrived 2 days later. After lots of trying on in front of the mirror and taking photos to compare, I settled on Lamia in Tortoise. When I went to place my order, they had an amazing 45% off deal on and Buy One Get One Free on frames! I was in HEAVEN. I decided to order a pair of prescription sunglasses (Scout Festival in Pink/Tortoise with grey tint) for the days when my hayfever was really bad or I just didn't feel like putting my lenses in. After I'd filled out the order form, including my prescription details, I only had to wait 5 days before my new glasses were pushed through my letter box. My two pairs of prescription glasses with scratch resistant lenses cost only £75.

Since they have arrived, I have found myself wearing glasses more than ever before. I rarely used to wear them to work, relying on the air conditioning to keep my sore hayfever eyes at bay, but now I wear them at least twice a week, and take my contacts out straight after work. My eyes feel healthier for it and I feel more 'me' when I have them on.

At the moment, Glasses Direct have an amazing 50% discount when you enter the code "AUG50" at the checkout. More info here.

Do you wear glasses? What do you think of the Glasses Direct Home Trial?
Rosie x

PS. This isn't a sponsored post. Just someone who's very happy with her new glasses and wants to share!


  1. These glasses are super cute on you! It's a shame that Modcloth shipping to the UK is so high. But you also have a lot of wonderful stores. I'm obsessed with ASOS!



    Southern (California) Belle

  2. What an adorable pair of glasses, I love the shape on you!

    Have a great day,

  3. those glasses are so darling! i love them!

    lindsey louise

  4. You look fab! xo

  5. You look wonderful in those glasses! Super cute. I wear a pair of prescription Ray Bans that I adore!

  6. wow these look beautiful on you, and they compliment your look so well!