Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Flip Side : The Beatles - Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

 Artist: The Beatles
Album Title: Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Release Year: 1967
Label: Parlophone
Bought From: Stables Market, Camden, London. 
Price: £45
Special Features: Original mono recording. Intact inlay cut outs.
Favourite Song: With A Little Help From My Friends
This is possibly the most expensive and rare record in our collection. Ash spotted this displayed on the wall in one of the stalls inside the Stables Markets, Camden. He checked it over, and then gave it back, not wanting to spend £50 on a record. But after a lunch of incredible Chinese market food (craving!), he negotiated slightly and took this home for 45 Great British Pounds.
The sleeve isn't in great condition, and one of the reasons that £50 seemed a bit steep. But this is an original 1976 Beatles record. We were on a rare trip to London, the same trip where we picked up this Smiths record. We'd already visited the Beatles Shop on Baker Street and we had our own whiff of Beatlemania. I think this is one of the few records which we're really proud to have in our collection.
My two favourite Beatles songs are on this album - With A Little Help From My Friends and When I'm Sixty-Four. Both of these songs were a huge part of my childhood. Not because my Grandparents used to play them like most people my age, but because we sang them in assembly at school. We also sang a lot of Bob Marley! The whole school would sit on the floor of the hall with crossed legs, waiting for our music teacher to go to the piano, whilst the Deputy Head put some handwritten lyrics on the OHP, projected on to the walls of the hall. Oh, Primary school, you were wonderful.

The best feature about this record, is that the cut outs are still completely intact! You can imagine the person who bought this new - not wanting to take a pair of scissors to their brand new record, hoping to keep it pristine for a little while longer. Well, 47 years later, they are still where they were on the day they were printed. I think that's pretty cool.
What's your favourite Beatles song?
Rosie x


  1. Love this record! We have so many favorites by the Beatles. A few include: Hey Jude, Back in USSR to name a few. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

  2. This is such a great record! The price seems a bit high but I mean, it's The Beatles!

  3. What a classic - and still so, so good!

    Have a great day,