Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

Just popping by to say I hope your day is filled with tricks and treats, and to apologise for the slight lack of content over here on Every Word Handwritten this week. Actual real life seems to have gotten in the way slightly, but rest assured, I am still reading all your blogs whilst mine has had a little rest.
Last night I carved my ET pumpkin ready for the competition at the bar tonight, where Ash's band (Montrose) are playing. The winner gets a bottle of rum so I hope I'm in with a chance... I also did some Halloween nails using the Model's Own nail art pen - easy peasy spider webs!
 What are your Halloween plans? Whatever you're up too, have a great time :)

Rosie x
PS. If you want to see my "costume" tonight, make sure you're following me on Instagram!

Monday, 28 October 2013

Music & Lyrics

Thinking back to Dublin, we walked past this Smith's graffiti on a cobbled street just off Temple Bar. It was one of those moments that made me remember how important it is to feel part of something. I have these lyrics tattooed onto my side for a reason and it finally feels fulfilled.

Music was a really big part of my growing up, and certain songs take me back to all sorts of places.
What are your favourite songs or favourite lyrics? What was your first gig? Mine was My Chemical Romance in Brixton Academy!

Rosie x
PS. Spooky spider graffiti just in time for Halloween!

Friday, 25 October 2013

Bleach London Super Cool Colours I Saw Red Review

A few weeks ago, I was kindly invited to the Beauty Event at Boots in Southgate, Bath. The evening was an opportunity for me to speak to incredibly knowledgable beauty assistants on the counters, whilst shopping the shelves with 10% discount. It also gave me a chance to swipe a Bleach colour before they all flew off the shelves the following weekend!
I first heard of Bleach London during a trip to Topshop Oxford Street to get my nails WAH'd. I was kind of confused why people would get their hair done in the middle of a store... it just seemed way more exposed than the nail bar. Nevertheless, 4 years down the line, and Bleach have coloured some of the most famous pastel barnets we know. I've tampered with wash in/wash out colours before (namely Crazy Colour) but never had great results. The cult status of Bleach got me tempted, and I took home a bottle of I Saw Red to play with.
I was surprised that the directions recommended applying the dye to wet, shampooed hair. The opposite of anything I've ever done before, and I have been colouring my hair for nearly 10 years. Applying to wet hair meant that it was more difficult to see where my ombre began, so I missed some patches. The second thing was how little dye I needed to use to cover my ombre ends (see ombre review here!) - I only used approx 4cm of dye. I roughly applied with a dye brush, massaged in to the hair and left for just over 15 minutes before washing in warm (not hot) water.
I was seriously surprised with the vibrancy after application. The red was SO bright (and clashed majorly with my main hair colour!) and I could really see which bits I'd missed. But, once I'd curled it, I did quite like it. Two days later, I gave my hair a shampoo, and it was no surprise that the majority of the colour came out. But it's still covered the blonde which was there before, and for now I quite like it.

To be fair to Bleach, the bottle does state that it fades within 2 - 10 washes, and as my ends weren't ice blonde, I can't complain too much. At only £5 a bottle, it's definitely brighter than any colour I've been able to achieve with Crazy Colour using 5 times as much colourant, and for that reason, I think Bleach have manufactured a decent non-permanent red dye for ladies (and gents) who want a few more hues in their hair.

Bleach London Super Cool Colours are available from Boots for £5.

I'm interested to see how the other colours in the range perform, so leave me your links if you've reviewed them.

Rosie x

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Now Playing

In anticipation of my Amazon pre-order of Katy Perry's new album Prism arriving, I've been listening through her back catalogue. I cannot believe that this song came out 4 years ago. Where is time going? I've always had a thing for Katy, but after watching the Part of Me documentary, I saw what a hard working woman she is - a great message to give the next generation. Not only is her music career at it's peak, she's got a perfume range,  Eyelure range, OPI collab, Popchips collab... this lady is doing it all while she can. And in the meantime, I am rushing through the door every night in the hope that the postman has delivered a little brown Amazon box with my next favourite album inside.

Katy Perry - The One That Got Away

I was June and you were my Johnny Cash
Never one without the other, we made a pact
Sometimes when I miss you I put those records on

What's your fave KP song?
Rosie x

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

e.l.f. Mineral Lip Tint Review - Blush & Berry

Last week, Rosie from Everything's Rosie brought my attention to free shipping on e.l.f.'s website. She knew I wanted to try their Mineral Lip Tints and I had to take the opportunity to get them. Free shipping is always a winner for me!
The tints have 8 SPF and Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E to add moisture. I ordered Blush and Berry, hoping they would be quite different.
Having never tried any e.l.f. products before, I was surprised by how cheap the packaging was. The casing is really light, and they came in crumpled, worn boxes. I also didn't realise how small the bullets were, which is something I'm really not used too. I think this makes the application more difficult without a mirror, although it was okay with one.
The formula felt quite greasy on my lips, and didn't seem to stay well, compared to Maybelline Babylips at least. Blush is a blue toned pink, annoyingly similar to the Topshop Lipstick in Innocent I bought a little while ago. Berry is a darker, redder pink, definitely the more Autumnal shade out of the two, but it still has a certain girlyness to it without being too dark.
Although I love the colour of Berry, the formula just doesn't win it for me. I found it transferring straight away, and it took less than half an hour to almost disappear completely.

Mineral Lip Tints are available here from e.l.f.'s website for £3.50 each.

Have you tried these tints? Or can you recommend me your favourite tint?

Rosie x

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Nude Accent Nails

Rimmel Salon Pro in Soul Session
OPI The Muppets collection in Excuse Moi!

If you follow me on Instagram (@ohsorosie) you may have spotted these nails yesterday. I finally tried out the Rimmel Salon Pro polishes and have fallen in love with the quality. They last for almost a week and the thick application brush is a dream. I'm still very much sporting an accent nail, and covered my ring fingers with the glittering 'Excuse Moi' from the OPI Muppets collection from last year. Unfortunately, the rest of the collection has been binned (does anyone else find that OPI glitters don't keep well?) but this one is still useable.

I'm lusting after the OPI San Francisco collection at the moment (might be something to do with this holiday next year...) so they will be going on my Christmas list for sure!

What are you wearing on your nails this week?
Rosie x

Monday, 21 October 2013

Google Nexus 7 Tablet Review

When Argos sent me a Google Nexus 7* to try out, I was uncertain. As a self-confessed lover of all things Apple (she says typing this on a Mac, with iPhone and iPad not too far away) I thought I would never get on with an Android tablet. But hey, maybe you can teach old, slow dogs new lighter, faster tricks.
The Nexus 7 is seven inches of thin, light and powerful excitement. The screen has 2.3 million pixels and shows videos in 1080p HD. It's SO much faster than my iPhone and iPad and works beautifully with Blogger and Gmail - the two apps which get a lot of use on my phone. As a complete Android n00b, I found operating system really easy to get to grips with, and it's a lot lighter to carry in my bag than my iPad.

I've had it for a couple of weeks now and am still to recharge the battery. This is a massive selling point for me as my Apple batteries seem to die incredibly quickly, particularly when using Bloglovin'. Another plus is that you can have different secure 'profiles,' allowing others to use the same tablet whilst keeping the owner's profile totally secure. I'm excited to share it with Ash so he can do all his Christmas shopping online... for presents for me ;)

The only negative feature is the camera. First of all, it took me AGES to find. The Nexus doesn't come with a camera app so I had to download 'Camera Launcher for Nexus 7' from the Play Store. When I did find it, I realised that there was only a front-facing camera. Sure, it's a total treat for selfies (see below!), but not so great when you want to Instagram things which aren't your own face.

All in all, the Nexus has taught me that Apple isn't the only way forward, and that the Android market can be just as satisfying - if not more so. I am loving having this tablet to whip out when my iPhone screen isn't quite big enough, and it's definitely winning over my iPad right now.

Google Nexus 7 is available from Argos from £159.99.

Are you an Apple lover like me, or do you use an Android? Which tablet do you prefer?

Rosie x
PS. Thank you Ash for taking these photos of me in Cafe Nero, Wells!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Pretty Little City

Not only is Wells the smallest city in England, it's also my favourite. No matter what time of year it is, a stroll around the moat is always so lovely. Wells holds a pretty special place in my heart. My Grandparents on my Mum's side live just outside the city - Gramps went to Wells Cathedral School before taking on the family farm, and my Mum went to Wells Blue School. My Grandad on my Dad's side lived in Wells after my Gran passed away, volunteering at the Cathedral Library and celebrity spotting. I'll never forget when he called me to say that "the man from that pirate film was here earlier" - my Grandad was steps away from Mr Johnny Depp, self-confessed West Country lover. When my Grandad passed, his funeral was held in Wells Cathedral, and that still takes my breath away every time I think of it.
Saturday morning in Wells is my favourite. The farmers market rolls into the High Street, filled with local produce, plants and the real reason we go... a record stall. Today I came away with a Jimi Hendrix compilation, ABBA: The First 10 Years compilation and an original soundtrack from the movie Grease. Oh the singalongs in my room are about to hit a whole new level. We also stopped by the Pieminister stall - I had a Heidi pie (Somerset goats cheese, sweet potato, spinach and red onion) and Ash went for a Free Ranger (chicken, ham hock, leek and West country cheddar), both sat on a bed of mash and mushy peas and slathered in gravy. Yum.
I always forget how lucky I am to live smack bang in between arguably the prettiest cities in England - Wells and Bath. I'm already looking forward to the Bath Christmas market meet up which Megan from Briar Rose has so kindly organised.

What's your favourite city? Have you been to Wells?
Rosie x

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Dracula's Feast - Halloween Cocktail Recipe

In the spirit of all things Halloween, I ordered some stripey straws from eBay. They've been sat in the cupboard for a couple of weeks but I figured now was the time to crack them out. Whilst stalking the alcohol aisles in the supermarket for inspiration, I came across Toffee Apple Sourz, and knew it would make a great starting point for a number of Halloween cocktails. Sourz is flavoured vodka, and this one is bright red and a lot sweeter than the normal Sourz. 
To make a feast for Count Dracula, you will need:
50ml Toffee Apple Sourz (on offer in Tesco this week!)
Dash of grenadine
Cherries to garnish

Swill a dash of grenadine around the bottom of a tall glass to make it go red. Add your Toffee Apple Sourz to the bottom of the glass. Layer your cola using a teaspoon (as cheesily demonstrated here!) Garnish with cherries - or go one better than me, and garnish with some sweetie fangs!

This drink is slightly less alcoholic than my normal cocktail concoctions, but yummy nonetheless. Enjoy!

Rosie x
PS. Make sure you check out my Jack-O-Lantern cocktail recipe here!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Jack-O-Lantern - Halloween Cocktail Recipe

Guys, it's a pumpkin! In a glass! Right? Ok, you may need a teeny ounce of imagination here, but I think it's pretty cool. Half way through the slowest Wednesday at work *ever* I started researching Halloween cocktails on my lunch break. (Because that's what normal, non-alcoholic people do...) I saw this pumpkin creation and had to share with you! Although, I have changed the cocktail recipe, the presentation was from here.

To make 1 Jack-O-Lantern, you will need:
25ml Cointreau
50ml whiskey (Jack Daniels to make the name even more relevant!)
50ml orange juice
Drop of Grenadine
Ginger ale to top
Orange and lime or cucumber to garnish

Shake the Cointreau, whiskey and orange juice over ice. Strain into a short glass. Stir in a drop of grenadine to achieve an orange hue. Top with ginger ale. Slice an orange at it's largest part. Trim some lime rind or cucumber peel and twist into the orange to make your pumpkin stalk. Gently gloat the orange on the top.
Best served with a Nightmare on Elm Street movie and loads of popcorn! I'll be posting some more Halloween cocktails in the next week so make sure you check back.

Rosie x

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Rimmel Metal Rush Royal Blue

After loving Rimmel's Pearly Queen shade from the Metal Rush collection, I couldn't resist buying the Royal Blue one too. Royal Blue has stunning blue, green and purple tones, depending on the light hitting it. It dries quickly and doesn't chip easily.

It took three coats to make it opaque, unlike Pearly Queen which was harder to build up. However, it would look just as gorgeous as a top coat over a blue or purple base.

Rimmel London's Metal Rush polishes retail for £3.99 and are all available over at ASOS. I'll definitely be getting my hands on the other two soon!

Have you tried any of these Rimmel polishes?
Rosie x

Friday, 11 October 2013

FREE Michael Jackson's Thriller Pumpkin Carving Template

If you were following my blog this time last year, you would have seen the pumpkin I carved for my local pubs competition. The problem was that I carved it a few days too early and it wasn't looking it's best for the competition so it sat proudly at home until it got composted!
I made the template myself with some nifty Photoshopping from a screen grab from the Thriller video and made it available for download on this post - help yourselves!

I need to get my thinking cap on about what to carve for this years competition? Currently thinking along the lines of Freddy Krueger or Carrie... any ideas?

Rosie x

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Lately I've Been

 Toying with the idea of a side fringe again. Drinking Gold.
 Painting matte nails. Snuggling with Pheobe.
 Sampling Nespressos.
Buying lacey dresses (and losing weight - 10lbs down!)
Making my favourite Autumn soup.
Making wine stretch - with ice and lemonade. Stealing evening cuddles.
Trying new things  -  Paprika Pork.
Photographing Montrose.
Burning gorgeous candles. Listening to Florence.
Embracing change.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Ozeri Double Wall Thermo Insulated Drinking Glasses Review & my perfect Hot Toddy recipe

Being asked to review glasses got me thinking... which cocktail can I make in them? These Ozeri Double Wall Thermo Insulated 8oz Drinking Glasses* are made of hand blown borosilicate glass (read: lightweight and shatter proof!) which do not get very hot/very cold when used because of the double wall. They also have dimples on each side to give them a nice grip.
I tried them out with cold water and ice, and was sort of amazed that they stayed room temperature. So, I knew I had to take it up a notch - hot drinks! I have this weird thing about putting tea/coffee in see-through vessels, so I wanted to make something else...preferably a cocktail... I turned to my favourite Winter cocktail - the Hot Toddy. Some may say that it's far too early to be drinking Hot Toddies, but I say the early bird catches the worm!
To make my perfect Hot Toddy, you will need:
25ml whiskey
25ml honey liqueur
10ml lemon juice
Cinnamon stick
Boiling water

Simply pour the whiskey, honey and lemon juice into the glass, pop in your cinnamon stick and top with boiling water. Historically, honey and lemon has wonderful medicinal benefits, and of course, an old Mother's tale says that a bit of whiskey won't do much harm either ;) If you're not a whiskey drinker, switch it out for dark rum (spiced is best!). If you don't have honey liqueur (ours was a gift from Malta and tastes AMAZING) then just spoon in a teaspoon of honey instead.
Back to the glasses - not only does the glass not get extremely hot, it also help maintain the heat of the drink, meaning that it stays warm for longer. And of course, there's that novelty of seeing through the glass which always baffles me when the beverage is hot. (No? Just me?) The glasses also come with a 1 year warrantee and are dishwasher, microwave and freezer proof. Tick, tick, tick.

You can buy Ozeri Double Wall Thermo Insulated Drinking Glasses for £24.95 (RRP £29.99) from Amazon UK with free UK delivery. I think they'll make a real talking point at parties, and would make a great Christmas gift for cocktail lovers and tea drinkers alike - they get a big thumbs up from me!

Rosie x