Friday, 25 October 2013

Bleach London Super Cool Colours I Saw Red Review

A few weeks ago, I was kindly invited to the Beauty Event at Boots in Southgate, Bath. The evening was an opportunity for me to speak to incredibly knowledgable beauty assistants on the counters, whilst shopping the shelves with 10% discount. It also gave me a chance to swipe a Bleach colour before they all flew off the shelves the following weekend!
I first heard of Bleach London during a trip to Topshop Oxford Street to get my nails WAH'd. I was kind of confused why people would get their hair done in the middle of a store... it just seemed way more exposed than the nail bar. Nevertheless, 4 years down the line, and Bleach have coloured some of the most famous pastel barnets we know. I've tampered with wash in/wash out colours before (namely Crazy Colour) but never had great results. The cult status of Bleach got me tempted, and I took home a bottle of I Saw Red to play with.
I was surprised that the directions recommended applying the dye to wet, shampooed hair. The opposite of anything I've ever done before, and I have been colouring my hair for nearly 10 years. Applying to wet hair meant that it was more difficult to see where my ombre began, so I missed some patches. The second thing was how little dye I needed to use to cover my ombre ends (see ombre review here!) - I only used approx 4cm of dye. I roughly applied with a dye brush, massaged in to the hair and left for just over 15 minutes before washing in warm (not hot) water.
I was seriously surprised with the vibrancy after application. The red was SO bright (and clashed majorly with my main hair colour!) and I could really see which bits I'd missed. But, once I'd curled it, I did quite like it. Two days later, I gave my hair a shampoo, and it was no surprise that the majority of the colour came out. But it's still covered the blonde which was there before, and for now I quite like it.

To be fair to Bleach, the bottle does state that it fades within 2 - 10 washes, and as my ends weren't ice blonde, I can't complain too much. At only £5 a bottle, it's definitely brighter than any colour I've been able to achieve with Crazy Colour using 5 times as much colourant, and for that reason, I think Bleach have manufactured a decent non-permanent red dye for ladies (and gents) who want a few more hues in their hair.

Bleach London Super Cool Colours are available from Boots for £5.

I'm interested to see how the other colours in the range perform, so leave me your links if you've reviewed them.

Rosie x


  1. Wow I love the colour!

    Shame it stripped as much as you say, but it probably blends a lot better. now :)

    Hmm maybe...

  2. beautiful!

  3. It looks really great on your hair, even though I am not much for coloring hair, it does look good on you :)


  4. Oh wow your hair looks gorgeous! I would love to try one of the colours although I have very dark brown hair :( xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  5. This looks very cool! Wow! I love the color. I'm jealous! My hair is super dark brown, and I can't stand the thought of bleaching it to get some bright color. You pull off yours so well!

  6. I was all ready to jump on the Bleach bandwagon but I've heard mixed reviews about them not coming out the right colour or washing straight out. Then I read that one of the colours had been recalled, so I think I might wait a while before giving them a go :) xx

  7. Looks really great in your hair! Washed out to a really nice colour :) xxx

  8. Bleach London is amazing! I've been following them on Instagram. They are so underrated!
    That red looks great on you!

    Love Daniela (New Fan)

  9. Your hair is GORGE! I'm such a sucker for red hair. I recently did the ombre look with red&blonde and I have no regrets!