Saturday, 19 October 2013

Dracula's Feast - Halloween Cocktail Recipe

In the spirit of all things Halloween, I ordered some stripey straws from eBay. They've been sat in the cupboard for a couple of weeks but I figured now was the time to crack them out. Whilst stalking the alcohol aisles in the supermarket for inspiration, I came across Toffee Apple Sourz, and knew it would make a great starting point for a number of Halloween cocktails. Sourz is flavoured vodka, and this one is bright red and a lot sweeter than the normal Sourz. 
To make a feast for Count Dracula, you will need:
50ml Toffee Apple Sourz (on offer in Tesco this week!)
Dash of grenadine
Cherries to garnish

Swill a dash of grenadine around the bottom of a tall glass to make it go red. Add your Toffee Apple Sourz to the bottom of the glass. Layer your cola using a teaspoon (as cheesily demonstrated here!) Garnish with cherries - or go one better than me, and garnish with some sweetie fangs!

This drink is slightly less alcoholic than my normal cocktail concoctions, but yummy nonetheless. Enjoy!

Rosie x
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  1. Wowzers, this looks good! I'm attending a Halloween party soon so thanks for sharing!

    Have a fantastic day,

  2. Looking good! will have to try!

  3. This sounds scrummy! I've been eyeing up those bottles of sourz for a few weeks, so might have to get some now!

    Hmm maybe...