Thursday, 17 October 2013

Jack-O-Lantern - Halloween Cocktail Recipe

Guys, it's a pumpkin! In a glass! Right? Ok, you may need a teeny ounce of imagination here, but I think it's pretty cool. Half way through the slowest Wednesday at work *ever* I started researching Halloween cocktails on my lunch break. (Because that's what normal, non-alcoholic people do...) I saw this pumpkin creation and had to share with you! Although, I have changed the cocktail recipe, the presentation was from here.

To make 1 Jack-O-Lantern, you will need:
25ml Cointreau
50ml whiskey (Jack Daniels to make the name even more relevant!)
50ml orange juice
Drop of Grenadine
Ginger ale to top
Orange and lime or cucumber to garnish

Shake the Cointreau, whiskey and orange juice over ice. Strain into a short glass. Stir in a drop of grenadine to achieve an orange hue. Top with ginger ale. Slice an orange at it's largest part. Trim some lime rind or cucumber peel and twist into the orange to make your pumpkin stalk. Gently gloat the orange on the top.
Best served with a Nightmare on Elm Street movie and loads of popcorn! I'll be posting some more Halloween cocktails in the next week so make sure you check back.

Rosie x

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  1. I have a screen in my office which no one else can see so I'm always Googling random stuff (or writing comments on blogs haha) but thanks for this, I love Halloween and cocktails - even more when brought together!