Sunday, 13 October 2013

Rimmel Metal Rush Royal Blue

After loving Rimmel's Pearly Queen shade from the Metal Rush collection, I couldn't resist buying the Royal Blue one too. Royal Blue has stunning blue, green and purple tones, depending on the light hitting it. It dries quickly and doesn't chip easily.

It took three coats to make it opaque, unlike Pearly Queen which was harder to build up. However, it would look just as gorgeous as a top coat over a blue or purple base.

Rimmel London's Metal Rush polishes retail for £3.99 and are all available over at ASOS. I'll definitely be getting my hands on the other two soon!

Have you tried any of these Rimmel polishes?
Rosie x


  1. That looks so gorgeous - I love that colour!x

  2. This is such a beautiful colour! x

  3. Ahh such a gorgeous colour, I really love the multi-tonal effect <3

    Jennie xo |

  4. Blue is usually not my favourite when it comes to nail polish but I really like this one!

    Have a great day,

    P.S.: Thanks for commenting on my last post - I highly appreciate it!

  5. wow this nail polish looks amazing, I really like the metal finish! :)
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  6. I have a similar colour to that but another brand...absolutely love blue/purple nail varnishes!!

  7. Such a pretty colour! Looks lovely on you :)

  8. wow such a pretty hue! Love that! Right now I'm stuck on Sinful Colors nail polish! I'm currently on the hunt for a beautiful dark green!

    Xo, Emma

  9. This is so pretty! I think I might need to snag one for myself :)



    Southern (California) Belle