Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Frosty Snapshots

I spent ten minutes before work wandering around in the garden this morning with my camera, a couple of labradors trailing me, whilst I aimlessly snapped at the frost. Tonight, our Christmas shopping begins and it seems that my favourite season is almost with us.

Rosie x

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Honey Berry Sweet Cocktail Recipe

Every now and then, I just need a cocktail. I've had a knackering few days topped off with a seriously sore throat (still sounding like a man 2 days later) and Strepsils just aren't hacking it. The age old cure for sore throats comes in a liquor bottle and with a dash of honey. Sure, a hot toddy would probably do the trick, but Jack Daniels Honey is my current remedy. After a rare but long day in the London offices, I came home to snuggle up in my PJs, watch The Hunger Games again ahead of seeing Catching Fire at the weekend and get some rest. Ash brought us both whiskey on the rocks and my throat instantly felt better. (I'm not an alcoholic, promise!) A day later, and my throat is still sore. I wasn't feeling as hardcore though and didn't fancy it straight, so I tried out a new cocktail with Ash in mind. You may remember back in the Summer, I made a Honey Berry Sour. Well this concoction, my favourite cocktail friends, is a Honey Berry Sweet.

To make two drinks, you will need:
75ml honey whiskey (Jack Daniels Honey in this case)
50ml black raspberry liqueur (like Chambord)
Ginger ale to top

Shake the whiskey and raspberry liqueur with ice. Strain equally in to two glasses. Top with ginger ale (or ginger beer if it's not a weeknight like tonight!) This is best enjoyed with you feet wrapped up in chunky socks, propped on the sofa, fire blazing and something good on the TV. I bulk bought Honey Jack in Tesco in October when they were selling off 75cl bottles for dirt cheap. You can still buy it in some supermarkets though, although it can be a bit pricey so look out for offers.

To see more of my cocktail recipes, click on the 'Liquor Love' tab in the side bar. Cheers!

Rosie x

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Lately I've Been

Standing in front of the mirror taking photos of myself. #ootd
Watching epic movies in new cinemas.
Not only was Tom Hanks incredible, the new cinema in Trowbridge wasn't that bad either.
Loving Wells. Hating rain.
Feeling so happy that my parents got a log fire installed a few Winters ago.
Touring the local cider mill!
Not only is it the home of Babysham (above) it's also home to a crazy machine which can blow these little test tube looking things in to 2 litre bottles (below). Like the bottle you buy coke in. Or cider in, if you're on a mission. It blew my MIND. And look at all those apples.

Saying my prayers.
Watching the sunrise every morning.
Watching the sunset every night.
And toasting the future...

Monday, 11 November 2013

24 (Going On 4)

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that yesterday we celebrated Ash's 24th birthday. I spoilt him as ever, but nothing topped the Buzz Lightyear and Woody dolls which his Dad got him after 19 years of asking! He's a true Peter Pan at heart.
Our talented friend Lauren made him  incredible Blink-182 cupcakes based on the self titled album artwork. (You can find her on Facebook here: The Sweet Treats Boutique.) Not only did they look amazing, they tasted so good too!
We headed out to Nando's for lunch, as nothing says celebrating like a bit of peri peri chicken - and then visited all of Ash's family, before settling in front of the TV at home to watch Man U beat Arsenal, catch up with Revolution and True Blood, and then finished the day with a Jack Daniel's Honey in bed.

Happy Birthday Ash! I love you! X

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Scrapbook : 2013 Part One

I'm finally here to share with you the first part of my 2013 scrapbook! I have loved making my scrapbook this year, and kept slightly more on top of it than I did last year. But I have a problem - it's nearly all finished up! So now, instead of doing one scrapbook per year, I'm just going to continue making these books one after the other until I run out of shelf to put them on... but hopefully by then I will have a house of my own with unlimited shelving. ;)
You may remember my scrapbooks from last year? If not, see Part One here and Part Two here. This year has been a lot easier. I've remembered to tuck all my ticket stubs and cinema receipts safely away. I've kept little trinkets from certain times and I've written quotes and notes on my phone to refer to later.
My layouts are figured out as I'm working. I generally place out an event at a time to make them all fit nicely. For example, when all my Harry Potter photos left me with an extra page, I decided to fill it with a quote I saw on the day.
For this book, with the black backing card, I've used a lot of black and white washi tape, with gold, silver and white pens. I love how it looks against the bright photos.
I'm looking forward to going through my photos and placing my next Prinstagram order. I have been reminded however that I need to carry my Instax more, as nothing is as nostalgic as an instant camera.

To read some posts from this year which have featured in my scrapbook, check out Snowdogs, Rainy SundayValentines Nails, Warner Bro's Studio Tour: The Making of Harry PotterTurning Twenty Two and the Dublin tag.

Do you scrapbook? Or do you have another way of recording your memories?
Rosie x

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Good Morning Autumn

Waking up to the sunrise every morning is perfect. I'm lucky to have a guy who brings me a cup of tea before he leaves for work, allowing me some precious moments to wake up slowly and welcome the new day. Some mornings, the mist sits on the rooftops for a few minutes as the sun burns it away. Other mornings, the raindrops make a beautiful pattern through my window. I know it's kind of cliché to say that Autumn is the best time of year, but I honestly believe it is.

Rosie x

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Glitter Roses

In the supermarket this morning, I walked past a lovely bouquet of red roses with glitter tips. They were so beautiful, but the price tag was not - 8 red roses for £15? Not gonna happen this side of Christmas.
Around the other side of the flower stand were bunches of 10 red roses for £3 each. *Lightbulb moment* Two bunches found their way into my basket and I set to creating my own glitter tips at home.

The only thing I needed was simple - glitter nail polish. The roses in the store had red glitter, but I fancied using silver, a kind of rain drop/frost bitten effect, and this Models Own one worked perfectly.

I prepared the roses by cutting off the thorns and trimming down the stems, and then randomly painted the edges of the petals with the polish and set to dry.

I arranged them in a round vase (from Asda, £4) in a spiral, but they keep splaying out to the edges! Regardless of that, I think they look so perfect on my bedside table. It feels like the first hint of Christmas has entered our home.

Will you be trying this technique? White roses with gold glitter would look amazing!

Rosie x