Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Scrapbook : 2013 Part One

I'm finally here to share with you the first part of my 2013 scrapbook! I have loved making my scrapbook this year, and kept slightly more on top of it than I did last year. But I have a problem - it's nearly all finished up! So now, instead of doing one scrapbook per year, I'm just going to continue making these books one after the other until I run out of shelf to put them on... but hopefully by then I will have a house of my own with unlimited shelving. ;)
You may remember my scrapbooks from last year? If not, see Part One here and Part Two here. This year has been a lot easier. I've remembered to tuck all my ticket stubs and cinema receipts safely away. I've kept little trinkets from certain times and I've written quotes and notes on my phone to refer to later.
My layouts are figured out as I'm working. I generally place out an event at a time to make them all fit nicely. For example, when all my Harry Potter photos left me with an extra page, I decided to fill it with a quote I saw on the day.
For this book, with the black backing card, I've used a lot of black and white washi tape, with gold, silver and white pens. I love how it looks against the bright photos.
I'm looking forward to going through my photos and placing my next Prinstagram order. I have been reminded however that I need to carry my Instax more, as nothing is as nostalgic as an instant camera.

To read some posts from this year which have featured in my scrapbook, check out Snowdogs, Rainy SundayValentines Nails, Warner Bro's Studio Tour: The Making of Harry PotterTurning Twenty Two and the Dublin tag.

Do you scrapbook? Or do you have another way of recording your memories?
Rosie x


  1. Rosie, what a fantastic idea and such a beautiful keepsake - I may just start my own come 2014!

  2. Aww how beautiful! Such a lovely way to forever keep the memories x

  3. This is such a lovely idea!

    I always lose bits and pieces, so I wouldn't be any good at it :)

    Hmm maybe...

  4. Scrapbooks are such a lovely way of documenting all your memories! I would love to start one, maybe it can be my New Years project!

    Jennie xo |

  5. This is such a brilliant idea! I'm such a hoarder, I always have little keepsakes from special days that I refuse to throw away cluttering up my room - this would be a lovely way to store them :)


  6. Oh how lovely! I have an empty scrapbook and a pile of bits and pieces on my desk, but I just never seem to get round to putting them together!

    Dear Baker

  7. ah, such a cute little book! my mom is a huge scrapbooker, and i used to when i was younger with her!

    lindsey louise

  8. This is such an amazing idea, I normally just stick old tickets in a box and never bother printing pictures, but if you don't mind, I'm gonna steal your idea, I'll start mine in 2014. Yours is amazing!



  9. I've always wanted to do a scrapbook they're such fun things to make and such good ways of looking back at things.
    Lola x

  10. i love your scrapbook these are my favourite kind of posts

  11. Glad you are enjoying scrapbooking! I'm wanting to make a project life scrapbook soon, but I'm a total newbie to scrapbooking :)

  12. This Scrapbook is incredible! I would love to try doing something like this come 2014! x