Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013: Times Like These

I cannot believe it's New Years Eve and I'm writing my round up of the year post. It doesn't feel right that another year is about to close, and 2014 is just hours away. For me, 2013 was the year of Walter White, Dexter Morgan and Frank Turner. Of late night whiskeys with Ash, hours and hours in the cinema, and lazy mornings in bed. Of being confident, making changes and becoming ambitious. This year has been particularly special, and here are some of my favourite parts.
Going to the Warner Bro's Studio Tour and visiting the Harry Potter sets the day before my birthday was awesome. Even now I think back to that day and how much fun we had in the magical museum. You can see my post from the day here.
Back in June, we spent three gorgeously sunny days in Dublin with my parents. I always love visiting new places and trying new things, but I would definitely go back to Dublin in a heartbeat. You can see all my posts from Dublin here.
Later on in the Summer, I shared some of my driving experiences. But it was really these photos which spurred me on to lose weight, and after joining Slimming World I'm now a stone lighter. This has definitely been the biggest achievement of my year, and I plan to keep on going in 2014.
The August bank holiday found us back in Reading in a hot tent in a smelly field about to watch some of our favourite bands. The weekend was fun, but we're still unsure about whether to go back next year. You can read my post about Reading here.
Throughout the year, I've loved mixing up new cocktails to enjoy at home, and I hope to do even more next year. You can view all my cocktail recipes under the 'Liquor Love' tab.
Last month we headed up to London for the day - something I wish we could do more often. We managed to tick off some of our London To Do list and enjoyed soaking in the start of the Christmas season.

The other 'big' thing which happened this year was booking our holiday to San Francisco and Las Vegas. Budgeting and saving for the holiday basically dictated the rest of our year, but now Christmas is over, I know it won't be long until we're the furthest we've ever been from home, enjoying California and Nevada.

I think 2014 is going to be full of really special moments, and I cannot wait to see what's in store.
Thanks for joining me along the way this year - it's been good to have you.
Happy New Year!
Rosie x

Sunday, 29 December 2013

A Flame Indulgence

Have you ever gotten hot sweats whilst punching your pin number in to the card machine, worrying about how much you're spending? Well, this happened to me when I *finally* purchased my gorgeous Mulberry Bryn in Flame. I have been lusting over this bag since I saw this photo of the wonderful Fearne Cotton wearing it. I ordered it straight away, and then cancelled the order after getting shopping guilt. But finally, 18 months later, she's mine! I bought her from the Factory Shop in Shepton Mallet during the sale. I must have lapped around the store 3 or 4 times, staring at it from different angles and wondering whether to take it to the till, before calling my Mum and getting her to talk me in to buying it... or something like that ;)

Although in the grand scheme of things I've spent crazy amounts of money on (Macbook, iPad, camera lens.. new car!), this bag wasn't that expensive, it is definitely the most indulgent fashion purchase I have ever made. I don't think I have ever been so protective over a handbag before! But I absolutely love using it, and can't wait to take it to America with us.

What's been your most indulgent purchase? Do you have any regrets?

Rosie x

Friday, 27 December 2013

Until Next Year

I finished work on Friday 20th, ready for 12 lovely days off work for the first time since May last year, but woke up on Saturday morning with the worst cold. Thankfully, it wore off enough for me to enjoy Christmas day, but it meant that none of the baking I wanted to do got done, and I spent the first half of my time off work surrounded by tissues. Christmas day flew by in a blur, as it always does, but it definitely seems more hazy this year than it's ever been before - I'm putting that down to mixing cold and flu tablets with bucks fizz first thing in the morning... Once again, I was totally spoilt by Ash and all my family! Ash got me a gorgeous Cath Kidston holdall for me to use as my hand luggage when we go to San Francisco and Las Vegas, and my parents got me a 40mm f/2.8 lens for my camera, which I used to take all these photos. It's so small and light, and will be perfect for slinging in my bag when we're on holiday.

Boxing Day was just as fun as Christmas. Ash and I spent it watching movies and TV and slowly drinking through our holiday alcohol... I think we both had a slight headache this morning but neither of us wanted to admit it ;)

I always find these few days between Christmas and New Year a little strange, so I hope to spend my 'no mans land' days clearing out my room and researching things to do whilst we're away.

How was your Christmas?

Rosie x

Monday, 16 December 2013

Lately I've Been

First things first, I'm still here! December is always an incredibly busy time for me, but I wouldn't have it any other way. When I first started blogging, I vowed not to post things just to keep a presence, hence why my posts have been few and far between. But things are now getting quieter on the lead up to Christmas, and I am hoping to share more of my favourite season with you. So, what's been keeping me busy?

Teaching my niece how to write by using dots! She's growing up so quickly. The other day, we realised she thought Father Christmas was Farmer Christmas. Her response? "Well, he does keep reindeer!" :)
Day tripping to London with work. Every season, a team of us go to sneak a peak at the new collection in the showroom. SS14 is dreamy!
Wearing animals. This fox print dress from ASOS has been my weekend go to for a few weeks.
GETTING IN THE SPIRIT! Guys, it's Christmas next week :)
Wanting to be Jennifer Lawrence.
Disappearing. I finally got my 1 stone award :) and made some Syn free strawberry Santas to celebrate.
Loving London. Ash and I spent a lovely day in the city at the end of November. More here!
Listening to the only Christmas record which matters at the moment. This is on in my car to work every morning... although 'Frank Sinatra's Christmas' may sneak in this week.
Partying! The before and after of the above photos makes me laugh. We threw our work party in a comedy club in Bath, which also has a Motown disco... I vaguely remember running to the dance floor when this came on.
Treating myself! I wasn't due an upgrade until January, but knew that if I paid the remainder of my bill off, I could sell my old iPhone for slightly more before Christmas to make it worth it. I absolutely love my 5C, especially because it's 32GB. Now I can take ALL THE PHOTOS!
Getting in the spirit a bit more... Elf and Christmas Jumper Day at work.
Loving my new bag. Mulberry Bryn in Flame! Eeeee!!
Being crew! Yesterday, I helped out behind the scenes of Ash's bands video shoot for their single. It was a very long day, but totally worth it. I'll share more photos in the week.

Wow. That was a long one. I really feel like I am ready for Christmas now, apart from a  couple presents (Grandparents are SO tricky to buy for!) and a little more wrapping, but at least there's only 4 more working days between me and the 25th.

Rosie x

Monday, 9 December 2013

Abbey Road

During our day in London last week, we made good use of our Underground passes and found ourselves on the way to St John's Wood station to hunt down the famous Abbey Road crossing and studios. We both love The Beatles and really wanted to tick this off our 'Things To Do In London' list. After a short walk from the tube, we stumbled across Abbey Road, who's road signs are high enough to stop people from stealing them... funny that!
Naturally, we had to cross over the road. I naively thought this would be a simple thing to do, but it really wasn't. There were crowds of foreign tourists piled at each side, and a 'helper' in yellow hi vis who would run out in front of the cars and snap their photo. Some cars were fine, and would wait. but others just barged on through. Surely, if you're that annoyed by the tourists, drive another route instead of trying to run them over?! Anyway, we took it in turns to take each other's photos. Ash opted for a traditional walk, whilst I went for a very OTT "HEY I'M ON THE ABBEY ROAD CROSSING" pose.

Just down from the crossing, is the famous Abbey Road Studios, where everyone from Robbie Williams to Nina Nesbitt has recorded, as well as loads of film soundtracks like The Hobbit and Les Mis. The walls outside are covered with Beatles graffiti, and a young girl kindly let me borrow her marker pen so we could leave our own mark.

Have you been to Abbey Road? What's your favourite musical landmark?
Rosie x

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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Camden Town

Oh, Camden Town, you amazing place. Every time we head in to London, we're drawn to the North. It's our favourite place to search for rare records and has some wonderful music venues. I saw Katy Perry in Koko back in the 'I Kissed A Girl' days! Although it wasn't cool to witness some kid trying to steal CDs from the record shop inside the Stables Market, the original Parrallel Lines LP I came away with it kind of made up for it. OH, and Ash spying Damian Lewis with his wife and kids a couple tables behind us in Wagamamas. I bumped into his wife and daughter in the loos...who by the way was Malfoy's Mum in the last few Harry Potter movies. I KNOW, RIGHT?

What's your favourite London neighbourhood?

Rosie x