Tuesday, 3 December 2013

A Christmas Cuppa

Love Actually on the telly? Check. Roaring fire with Yorshire Terrier snuggled in front? Check. Twinkly lights in the corner of my eye? Check. Cuppa? Check! It can only be one season, and how we love it! Teapigs kindly sent me some of their Spiced Winter Red Tea*, which is absolutely perfect for an evening curled up on the sofa whilst the temperature drops outside. The tea comes in pyramids, packed with orange, cloves and cinnamon on a rooibos base, and it really is the perfect Christmas blend.
I brewed up a cup whilst waiting for my mince pies to brown off in the oven, and I really did get that "oh my gosh, it's nearly Christmas" flutter in my tummy. Anyone else get that? We're not even a week into the month and I'm really struggling to contain my excitement! I was tempted to splash in some dark rum into the tea, but didn't want to risk ruining it... something I will have to try this weekend. And I can imagine this would be an amazing iced tea too!

If you're looking for a gift for a tea lover of yours, make sure you have a look around Teapig's Christmas Gift Shop for inspiration. I love the glass tea pot!

Rosie x

PS. Do you like the arrangement I did at my floristry course last weekend? I love the colours in the roses!


  1. To try or not to try! I'm terrible at trying anything that could be considered "herbal tea" - it was a big enough step for me to branch out into earl grey! But this does look good, and I do like TeaPigs. Oh, the dilemma.

  2. This looks so yummy...and you set the scene very well! Love Tea Pigs- I always think their bags look and feel to nice to use!

    Katie x