Monday, 9 December 2013

Abbey Road

During our day in London last week, we made good use of our Underground passes and found ourselves on the way to St John's Wood station to hunt down the famous Abbey Road crossing and studios. We both love The Beatles and really wanted to tick this off our 'Things To Do In London' list. After a short walk from the tube, we stumbled across Abbey Road, who's road signs are high enough to stop people from stealing them... funny that!
Naturally, we had to cross over the road. I naively thought this would be a simple thing to do, but it really wasn't. There were crowds of foreign tourists piled at each side, and a 'helper' in yellow hi vis who would run out in front of the cars and snap their photo. Some cars were fine, and would wait. but others just barged on through. Surely, if you're that annoyed by the tourists, drive another route instead of trying to run them over?! Anyway, we took it in turns to take each other's photos. Ash opted for a traditional walk, whilst I went for a very OTT "HEY I'M ON THE ABBEY ROAD CROSSING" pose.

Just down from the crossing, is the famous Abbey Road Studios, where everyone from Robbie Williams to Nina Nesbitt has recorded, as well as loads of film soundtracks like The Hobbit and Les Mis. The walls outside are covered with Beatles graffiti, and a young girl kindly let me borrow her marker pen so we could leave our own mark.

Have you been to Abbey Road? What's your favourite musical landmark?
Rosie x

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  1. Oh wow this is great! I've always wanted to visit Abbey Road, it's one of those things on the London to do list! Great photographs!

    Katie x

  2. Cripes - there is a high-vis helper? I'd never even realised it was such a big deal to have a photo there!

  3. Oh I never really thought about all the tourists there, thats quite annoying, although your pic does look great

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

    Fragile Bird |