Friday, 27 December 2013

Until Next Year

I finished work on Friday 20th, ready for 12 lovely days off work for the first time since May last year, but woke up on Saturday morning with the worst cold. Thankfully, it wore off enough for me to enjoy Christmas day, but it meant that none of the baking I wanted to do got done, and I spent the first half of my time off work surrounded by tissues. Christmas day flew by in a blur, as it always does, but it definitely seems more hazy this year than it's ever been before - I'm putting that down to mixing cold and flu tablets with bucks fizz first thing in the morning... Once again, I was totally spoilt by Ash and all my family! Ash got me a gorgeous Cath Kidston holdall for me to use as my hand luggage when we go to San Francisco and Las Vegas, and my parents got me a 40mm f/2.8 lens for my camera, which I used to take all these photos. It's so small and light, and will be perfect for slinging in my bag when we're on holiday.

Boxing Day was just as fun as Christmas. Ash and I spent it watching movies and TV and slowly drinking through our holiday alcohol... I think we both had a slight headache this morning but neither of us wanted to admit it ;)

I always find these few days between Christmas and New Year a little strange, so I hope to spend my 'no mans land' days clearing out my room and researching things to do whilst we're away.

How was your Christmas?

Rosie x


  1. Great pictures! Hope you are having a lovely time! :)

  2. Gorgeous pics, love the decorations :) x

  3. Good luck to you with the clearing Rosie (and I love a good research, have fun!). So sorry to hear you got a cold just before Christmas, that bloody sucks, though I'm pleased you felt better on the day itself! These photos are so lovely :) xx

  4. I suddenly want this lens!! The last snap is so pretty.

    Tara xo

  5. Love these photos...I seriously need to invest in a new camera!

    Katie x