Wednesday, 22 January 2014

365x2014 (January 15 - 21)

15/365: Whilst Ash enjoyed eating up the Christmas chocolate, I snacked on blueberries.
16/365: Rough week at work = time to think about me. Pampering.
 17/365: Ash's band played in Bath. It was my first night out not drinking, and it felt really strange.
18/365: Back to Bath for lunch with some of Ash's family and shopping for Amelia's birthday. My trusty Bayswater came out to play.
19/365: I wonder what it feels like to be 4? I hope I get a Spongebob cake for my birthday in a few weeks :)
20/365: This morning was so frosty and foggy. It looked very pretty. I'm excited to record how this view from my bedroom changes throughout the year!
21/365: I am all about planning clothes for holiday right now. Just 9 weeks to go. I finally got this SF tshirt from ASOS but not sure if I love it yet. We'll see. You can also see our Ryan Russell Taking Back Sunday photos, which I love. I am also all about TBS right now.

This week has been difficult! As I said last week, I am really finding it hard to pick a moment in my day that's photo worthy! Must. Try. Harder.

Link me to your 365 posts if you are taking part :)
Rosie x


  1. Such lovely pictures, Rosie! I wish I was as able to resist leftover Christmas chocs as you are! xxx

  2. Beautiful photographs! Much better than my attempts, but I'm working on it. As you say, taking a photo a day is really quite tough - so much imagination is required.

    You can find my attempts here:

    B xx

  3. Aww I haven't listened to any TBS in ages, you've inspired me. Love them.

  4. Such lovely photos! The 3rd photo has made me miss the nights when my friends and I used to watch bands play in a little pub in a city near us. I can almost feel the adrenaline rush from being in the crowds!

  5. Lovely photos. Hope you have a better week! xx