Tuesday, 28 January 2014

365x2014 (January 22 - 28)

22/365: I couldn't resist this Diana Mini in the Urban Outfitters sale, especially because it's the sparkly Superstar version! I've already started shooting a practice film, and am looking forward to taking it away with us.
23/365: I had a mini room tidy, and put down this new rug, also from the UO sale. It sits at the foot of our bed and looks amazing.
24/365: I am a quitter. 24 days in, and I broke my Dry January challenge. I blame a hard month of work and other life stresses. This prosecco with a dash of my homemade limoncello went down very well.
25/365: The first day I nearly forgot to take a photo! I snapped this picture of our log fire on my iPhone whilst we vegged in front of the TV.
26/365: My first baking effort of the year! You can see my simple choc chip cookie recipe here.

27/365: Worst snow day EVER.
28/365: Definitely the best part of the day. Ash and I decided to book tickets to see Penn and Teller in Vegas!


  1. Urban Outfitters sell Nerdfighter rugs?! That's awesome! Your 365 is going much better than mine! I've had zero photo inspiration today!

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  3. Sparkly camera!! Your cookies look yummy <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  4. A tiny sparkly camera! Adorable!

    B xx