Wednesday, 15 January 2014

365x2014 (January 8 - 14)

8/365: Holiday research at the cinema! Actually a pretty funny movie, Morgan Freeman was great.
9/365: Getting back on my Slimming World track ahead of America. 2.5lbs off this week, so I treated myself to celebrate ;)
10/365: Friday night lazing in our room watching a classic.
11/365: The nicest day we've had for weeks, so I snapped some photos of Dexter being a poser in the sunshine.
12/365: A quiet day at home. I sorted through all my make up and binned about half of it. Then thought it was probably about time to wash my brushes too.
13/365: This little lady came up to my bedroom to give me a goodnight kiss, sporting amazing plaits at the front of her hair. I think we have Gran to thank for that one :)
14/365: Icy veins on the window. Definitely the coldest day we've had this winter.

The second week of my 365 is over, and I'm still surprised that I haven't forgotten a day yet. I am finding it hard to do in the week, when it's dark before I leave work and I spend most of the evening in my bedroom. I will have to start using my imagination a little more :) Link me if you're taking part in a 365 too!

Rosie x


  1. I saw Last Vegas yesterday - such a fun film :) Your Dexter is lovely!!

    Rosie xx

  2. Your doing so well slimming world. Keep it up lovely :) Hope you had a great week! Xx

  3. I love make-up but I'm always so lazy to wash my brushes, it feels so painful all the time I have to do it! haha
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  4. I do like make-up but I'm so simple at it, it can even sometimes be considered lazy haha. I do try and keep my eye lines brush clean, but don't always succeed.

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  5. Well done on the 2.5 pounds! That is awesome.

    p.s. Dexter is super adorable. xx

  6. Great photos , your niece is adorable xx