Thursday, 27 February 2014

365 x 2014 (February 19 - 25)

50/365: I turned 23! I had such a fun day with Ash, topped off with this amazing Cosy Club cocktail.
51/365: After having my birthday off work, I went in the day after and was thrusted the craziest bunch of flowers by my colleagues! Red gerberas, lime green thingys, purple stuff... mental colours that kind of just work.
52/365: Rain, rain, go away... I think it's been raining for at least 6 months.
53/365: We went out for dinner in Bath with Mum, Dad and my sister. We wandered past Bath Abbey all lit up so I had to snap a quick photo on my phone.
54/365: A late afternoon road trip found us at the coast in Bournemouth, a few hours before doors opened for Russell Howard at the BIC. We went to Hot Rocks, a restaurant on the sea front that I've been past so many times before but never gone in. I had a lovely beef chilli and a Long Island Ice Tea, before we found a Wetherspoons for some pre-drinks. The comedy gig was brilliant - every time we see a comedian live, I always say we should do it more often. Maybe we will!
55/365: A day off work has turned in to a day of organising holiday stuff, tidying (not depicted well in this photo) and having some time to myself, which was rudely interrupted by an ASOS delivery for Ash ;) With 30 days to go until we jet off, we now have everything in place!
56/365: The colds which have been circulating around the office have finally hit me, and I am wiped out! I'm drinking as much tea as I can get into my system, and pairing it with sweet treats to keep my sugar levels up. Graze Brownies are my favourite.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Red Glitter Tip Nails

 Rimmel Salon Pro with Kate in Rock N Roll
Rimmel Precious Stones in Ruby Crush
Nail Art Stickers via eBay

I painted my nails in Rock N Roll at the weekend and was SO impressed. It is the absolute perfect red, not too orange, and very classic. It's totally over-ruled all the polishes I featured here. The tips had started to wear after a couple of days so using some nail art stickers, I gave myself a bit of sparkle to make them last a few more days. Ruby Crush has tiny hints of silver in, meaning the tips really catch the light. I always finish my nails off with lashings of Seche Vite top coat, which I still cannot fault.

I love this style a lot, and think I might try next time with a matte/glossy approach... stay tuned!

Rosie x

Monday, 24 February 2014

Turning 23

I totally understand that birthdays are not about what presents you receive, but about spending time with your loved ones. Well, that certainly has happened over the past week or so. I have such an amazing group of people in my life, and I was ridiculously spoilt this year though!
My parents chose to buy me some dollars, ready to treat myself to something whilst we're in America. It's getting so close that I'm starting to get nervous! But an excited-kinda-nervous, rather than a sick kind. They also managed to pick up an Urban Decay Naked 3 pallette which I can't wait to play with.
My incredibly talented friend Jade made me a record cake stand! It's so pretty and quirky and totally unique. I absolutely love it :) She also bought me a gorgeous travel journal which I can't wait to fill up whilst we're away.
These Blowfish Collect sandals from my sister are quite possibly my favourite present. They're just gorgeous! I've been watching them on eBay for months, so I was so happy to unwrap them. They're super comfy too, I think I might try and get the blue ones before we go away. The hokey cokey card from Bryony made me smile so much. I think it was my favourite.
Molly treated me to the new WAH Nails book, an awesome photo album, glittery Barry M polish and glow sticks!
Ash got me a Blondie greatest hits CD, About Time and Blue Jasmine DVDs, The Gaslight Anthem B Sides record and took me shopping!
The sweetest thing of all, though, has to be Amelia's attempt to copy her name in my birthday card. I can definitely see an A, an M and some kisses. She makes me SO happy.

Rosie x

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Puppy Love

Ash snapped these photos of Pheobe and I the other day. Phe is 12, she's a Yorkshire Terrier, and we think she's pretty much blind. You can see the whiteness in her eyes where her Cataracts is bad in the above photos. When we got her as a puppy, I could hold her in the palm of my hand. She was the tiniest girl, despite being the biggest in her litter. It's pretty heartbreaking to see her deteriorate so quickly, so I thought I'd share a few things about my favourite pup with you.
One day, Mum had spotted an advert in the local paper for Yorkie puppies. Before I knew it, we'd visited the litter and had our name down for this girl. We called her Pheobe after her mother - we couldn't think of anything else, and it definitely suited her. We'd never had a small dog before so I thought it was wonderful. She was such a cutey! She's play around our feet, chase the cats and quickly became a massive part of our family. I wish we had more photos of her when she was young so you could see how tiny she was, but you'll just have to take my word for it.
In her older age, she loves to jump up on the sofa for a cuddle.  She will fall asleep within minutes, and sometimes she snores. She won't sit up on the sofa by herself though, opting only to snuggle up on our laps. If the fire's lit, she'll plonk herself down on her side and lie there for hours undisturbed. Queen of Chill.
She has major small dog syndrome. Too many times she's picked on our Springer Spaniel Meg, and come out worse for wear. But now Phe is blind and Meg is deaf, they just don't bother each other anymore. It's like they're a pair of old girls who used to have beef, but decided to leave all the troubles behind and retire peacefully.
Pheobs is a little scrounger! We taught her to say please whilst she was young and every morning when I'm making breakfast, she barks around my feet asking for hers. It's part of her character that I really love :)
This girl CARES. That probably sounds silly, but animals have a wonderful sense of knowing when something's not right. If I'm upset or ill, she'll trail me around until I settle down. She'll climb into my lap and try to lick me, and stare into my eyes until I've stopped crying.

She is the most special pet I've ever had, and I dread the day she's not around any more.

Do you have a favourite pet?
Rosie x

Friday, 21 February 2014

Life Lately: Turning 23!

I'm another year older! Wow, 2013 just flew by, and then it was Christmas, and now my birthday's happened and OMG we will be in America soon. Mini-freakout over, let me tell you all about my bday celebrations!
Last Saturday, 20 of us got together at my house for pre-drinks (I made a new crazy cocktail and it was great, recipe soon!) before piling in to cars and heading to the Hobgoblin. After a couple of cocktails at home, the half a pint of Beesting I got at the Hob was enough to make me feel incredibly tipsy, so I tried to be sensible and stopped drinking for a while. Just before 11pm, we wandered over to Komedia in the centre of Bath and got our dancing heads on ready for Motorcity, the motown club night. For whatever reason, the bartenders kept charging me student prices, so before long I was well on my way to tipsy town again. Ash and I love Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5, and there was a moment during the night when we caught each others eye from across room after hearing the ABC intro... At 1.30am, we stumbled out of the club, and fell straight into neighbouring Schwartz Bros where I tucked into a cheeseburger before getting a taxi home. It was such a fabulous night and it was great to be surrounded by some of my best friends (especially Tom who's birthday was the day before mine! x)
On my actual birthday, the 19th, I had a baby lie in. When I was at school, my birthday was always in half term, and so it feels a bit strange to think I might have to go to work. So I booked it off! I got up just before Mum went to work to open some pressies, and enjoyed jelly beans for breakfast. After a lazy morning and lots of tea, Ash and I headed down to the tattoo shop where I got number 15. Then we drove in to Bath for burgers at GBK and cocktails at the Cosy Club, before bundling back home for dinner and wine with my family. We wrapped the day up by watching Blue Jasmine, which Ash bought me to get us excited for San Francisco (as if I needed any more excitement...)

Birthdays are always a bit overwhelming for me. It's weird to get a hundred people writing on your Facebook wall, texts from friends and colleagues from all over the place and amazing gifts from your nearest and dearest. I was SO incredible spoilt this year, but I'm actually going to save my pressies for another post. I still have some more celebrating to do this weekend, starting with a meal with my parents on Saturday and seeing Russell Howard on Sunday night.

23 is pretty good so far, and hopefully Blink 182 have got this one wrong.

Thank you to everyone who made my 23rd so special.
Rosie x

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Punk Rock Nails

Rimmel Precious Stones in Diamond Dust
Rimmel Salon Pro with Kate in Punk Rock

I think Rimmel has finally become my favourite nail brand. The Salon Pro range is second to none, and their glitters are always such great quality. This combination is my current favourite. Punk Rock is a really, really dark purple-grey. Against the blackness of Diamond Dust, I think it looks so cool.

Hey - it's my birthday today! So I have scheduled this post whilst I'm out and about doing birthday things, like eating burgers and drinking cocktails :)

Rosie x

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

365x2014 (February 12 - 18)

43/365: I got a work phone! Not sure at the moment if it's a blessing or a curse, but I'm looking forward to visiting our other sites in my new role. Also, I had to get a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge as my background :)
44/365: This is what a snow storm looks like! Right under it is the neighbouring village where I work. When I ran through the car park after work I was coated in snow and soaked through. Driving home it got clearer and clearer, and when I pulled up outside the house it was bright blue skies. The village really does have it's own weather system.
45/365: I'm definitely not a red roses kind of girl. Ash surprised me with these gorgeous tulips and hydrangeas for Valentines Day.
46/365: 20 of us got together to celebrate mine and my friend Tom's birthdays. Pre-drinks were at my house, which involved Cards Against Humanity and lots of laughs. We then convoyed into Bath to The Hob for a couple more drinks, before going to Motocity at Komedia, a motown club night. We piled into the neighbouring Schwartz Bros takeaway at 1.30am, and I had the best cheeseburger I've ever had. Ever. It was such a great night, surrounded by my favourite people. :)
47/365: A perfect, lazy Sunday. I used some leftover pitta and hummus to make a light lunch, and then swanned around the house for the rest of the day.
48/365: It's an unwritten rule at work that if it's your birthday, you bring in cakes! I made mini egg and creme egg brownies and rum and raisin bites (which should have been a cake, but it didn't rise...)
 50/365: Selfie of a 22 year old. It's my birthday tomorrow!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Birthday Wish List!

You guys, it's my birthday on Wednesday! Sorry, I haven't given you much notice to get me an amazing pressie, have I? That's ok. I can accept ASOS vouchers via email ;) In real life, the truth is that my birthday list is pretty much just money, preferably in dollar form, as it is now only 5 weeks and 2 days until we head out to California. I cannot even begin to express my excitement, but let me tell you that I have already started packing. I do have a couple of little things I would love to get my 23-year-old hands on though.

I've been slacking on the cocktail creating front recently, and think some new Monin syrups will give my creativity a bit of a kick. The rose one would be perfect for Spring drinks!
The Toy Story PJs from Topshop are just amazing. I don't know who they'd impress more; my 4 year old niece or my 25 year old boyfriend. (I vote for the latter.)
I've loved the cut out boot trend, and these ones from H&M are SO nice. They look pretty comfy too, and I think I could get away with wearing them to work.
The sun dress is by Trollied Dolly (available on ASOS) and I know it'd help me complete my holiday wardrobe. It's been on my Saved Items list for months, but I have never got around to buying it. Fingers crossed it doesn't sell out before pay day (unless, of course, y'all do want to send over some vouchers *wink*)
The Salon Pro Rimmel polishes have become my new favourite, and obviously I need to have their classic red 'Rock N Roll' in part of my OTT polish collection.

Turning 23 on Wednesday is a bit scary. Not only will it mean that it was 5 years since my eighteenth, but also that it's only 7 years until I'm 30. Eek!

Rosie x

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Valentines Day

I used to say that Ash and I don't bother with Valentines Day, but after the last couple of years, that would be a lie. We don't go all out, or go over the top, but we always make a little effort for each other. This year Ash bought me some gorgeous, bright tulips and hydrangeas, and the funniest card. I made him a playlist of songs which remind me of us to listen to on his way to work, and I sneakily ordered a pizza to his office for lunch. After work, we drove to the shops and bought a new DVD, some pitta bread and hummus, then snuggled on the sofa watching the movie and drinking bubbly. We stayed up for a few hours listening to music, toasting with honey whiskey and fell asleep together at 2am.
Although it's right to say that we do treat each other most weeks, I love how we make the effort to spend time together on Valentines Day, even if it is doing the things we would normally do.

What did you get up to this Valentines Day?
Rosie x

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

365x2014 (February 5 - 11)

36/365: It was one of those days. Straight after dinner, I opened a bottle of wine, got in front of the TV and we drank it. I definitely need a holiday!
37/365: My skin started reacting to the Tea Tree products I was using, so I've swapped them for Aloe instead. Using some nifty discount codes, this lot cost me less than £15.
38/365: Friday night favourite!
39/365: We headed over to Molly's house on Saturday for a poker night. (I WON!) Unfortunately, I decided that it would be a good night to have an asthma attack for the first time in three years, so I was pretty wiped, whilst the boys stayed up til gone 4am.
40/365: I was dead to the world on Sunday. The asthma attack really drained me, and I slept for most of the day. After dinner, we thought it would be a good idea to open the jelly babies I forgot to give to my Uncle for Christmas.
41/365: The nicest day we've had for weeks obviously had to be a Monday. I brought my camera to work in the hope of snapping a photo of the lamb which was born here last week, but he's been taken back up to the farm.
42/365: It's raining again. This new air freshener makes my car smell like Summertime.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Now Playing

Now, I know that this isn't exactly the happiest of songs to start the weekend, but it's a bloody good one. I loved watching them at Reading in 2012 and 2013, but a bit gutted we missed their show in Bristol. Tour soon please, Twin Atlantic.

Twin Atlantic - Crash Land
I've made a rope, can I throw it out to you?
Drag me back home, I deserve to be rescued.
I still have trouble with most days and nights
But still I have trouble with living my life outside

Thursday, 6 February 2014

365x2014 (January 29 - February 4)

29/365: The straw matched the paint in my bedroom so I had to take a snap. After a couple rum and cokes, Ash and I booked tickets to see the SF Giants at AT&T Park! Just eight more weeks...
30/365: Although the working weeks are passing quickly, something about today was just horrifically long. It felt extra good to get out of my work clothes and into my favourite jumper.
31/365: Easy chilli and ginger stir fry for tea, after the weirdest day at work.
32/365: Our weekends at the moment are consisting of lots of movies and lazing around. On this occasion, we drank Kraken rum and ginger ale and watched The Silence of the Lambs.
33/365: I drove Mum and Amelia over to Trowbridge for a bit of shopping, and picked up this very 'me' suitcase for half price. I also couldn't resist the swallow print travel cushion!
34/365: This is how my camera captured the sunrise. Those colours! I thought we were going to have a stormy day, but it was lovely and clear. It was last Monday on Reception at work, I finish on Friday. I have also been working at Mulberry for 4 years - time flies!
35/365: Just another long old day... made better by how my boots compliment my dress!