Thursday, 27 February 2014

365 x 2014 (February 19 - 25)

50/365: I turned 23! I had such a fun day with Ash, topped off with this amazing Cosy Club cocktail.
51/365: After having my birthday off work, I went in the day after and was thrusted the craziest bunch of flowers by my colleagues! Red gerberas, lime green thingys, purple stuff... mental colours that kind of just work.
52/365: Rain, rain, go away... I think it's been raining for at least 6 months.
53/365: We went out for dinner in Bath with Mum, Dad and my sister. We wandered past Bath Abbey all lit up so I had to snap a quick photo on my phone.
54/365: A late afternoon road trip found us at the coast in Bournemouth, a few hours before doors opened for Russell Howard at the BIC. We went to Hot Rocks, a restaurant on the sea front that I've been past so many times before but never gone in. I had a lovely beef chilli and a Long Island Ice Tea, before we found a Wetherspoons for some pre-drinks. The comedy gig was brilliant - every time we see a comedian live, I always say we should do it more often. Maybe we will!
55/365: A day off work has turned in to a day of organising holiday stuff, tidying (not depicted well in this photo) and having some time to myself, which was rudely interrupted by an ASOS delivery for Ash ;) With 30 days to go until we jet off, we now have everything in place!
56/365: The colds which have been circulating around the office have finally hit me, and I am wiped out! I'm drinking as much tea as I can get into my system, and pairing it with sweet treats to keep my sugar levels up. Graze Brownies are my favourite.


  1. Thanks for your kind words on my blog, they sweetened my day!
    Happy belated birthday!

    Have a great week,

  2. Oh my gosh, hot rocks in Bournemouth brings back so many memories! I remember having one too many long island iced teas one night hehe

    Jennie xo |

  3. Russell Howard was fab wasn't he! You should definitely go to more comedy nights - it's one of our favourite hobbies. Frome gets quite a lot of them plus Komedia and the Rondo in Bath. Weirdly Melksham Assembly Hall and Trowbridge get a few plus you should get on the mailing list for Long Paws Comedy Club in Wells - Russell played a secret gig there last November! :-) x