Thursday, 6 February 2014

365x2014 (January 29 - February 4)

29/365: The straw matched the paint in my bedroom so I had to take a snap. After a couple rum and cokes, Ash and I booked tickets to see the SF Giants at AT&T Park! Just eight more weeks...
30/365: Although the working weeks are passing quickly, something about today was just horrifically long. It felt extra good to get out of my work clothes and into my favourite jumper.
31/365: Easy chilli and ginger stir fry for tea, after the weirdest day at work.
32/365: Our weekends at the moment are consisting of lots of movies and lazing around. On this occasion, we drank Kraken rum and ginger ale and watched The Silence of the Lambs.
33/365: I drove Mum and Amelia over to Trowbridge for a bit of shopping, and picked up this very 'me' suitcase for half price. I also couldn't resist the swallow print travel cushion!
34/365: This is how my camera captured the sunrise. Those colours! I thought we were going to have a stormy day, but it was lovely and clear. It was last Monday on Reception at work, I finish on Friday. I have also been working at Mulberry for 4 years - time flies!
35/365: Just another long old day... made better by how my boots compliment my dress!


  1. Love this post! Such a beautiful sunrise <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. This is such a lovely idea! It will be so amazing to look back and see one beautiful or interesting thing from everyday x

  3. Love those boots - I have some leopard print ones from Primakr which I wore out so I have had to track a replacement pair down on ebay!

  4. Your favourite jumper is the most perfect of colours and your hair colour looks really pretty :)