Monday, 17 February 2014

Birthday Wish List!

You guys, it's my birthday on Wednesday! Sorry, I haven't given you much notice to get me an amazing pressie, have I? That's ok. I can accept ASOS vouchers via email ;) In real life, the truth is that my birthday list is pretty much just money, preferably in dollar form, as it is now only 5 weeks and 2 days until we head out to California. I cannot even begin to express my excitement, but let me tell you that I have already started packing. I do have a couple of little things I would love to get my 23-year-old hands on though.

I've been slacking on the cocktail creating front recently, and think some new Monin syrups will give my creativity a bit of a kick. The rose one would be perfect for Spring drinks!
The Toy Story PJs from Topshop are just amazing. I don't know who they'd impress more; my 4 year old niece or my 25 year old boyfriend. (I vote for the latter.)
I've loved the cut out boot trend, and these ones from H&M are SO nice. They look pretty comfy too, and I think I could get away with wearing them to work.
The sun dress is by Trollied Dolly (available on ASOS) and I know it'd help me complete my holiday wardrobe. It's been on my Saved Items list for months, but I have never got around to buying it. Fingers crossed it doesn't sell out before pay day (unless, of course, y'all do want to send over some vouchers *wink*)
The Salon Pro Rimmel polishes have become my new favourite, and obviously I need to have their classic red 'Rock N Roll' in part of my OTT polish collection.

Turning 23 on Wednesday is a bit scary. Not only will it mean that it was 5 years since my eighteenth, but also that it's only 7 years until I'm 30. Eek!

Rosie x


  1. Thanks for your sweet words on my last post, they brightened my day!
    Uuh, I'd take that dress as well!

    Hope you have a fantastic day,

  2. Wowee I adore those Toy Story jammies! Would be absolutely perfect for any Disney lover (aka me) ;) Hope you have a wonderful birthday when it arrives! x

  3. The Toy Story jammies are SO cute, I love them! I get quite hot in my sleep so I rarely wear full leg pajamas but I might have to make an exception for them! The cutout boots are lovely too, H&M do have some great shoes xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  4. Loving those boots, they're amazing! <3