Sunday, 2 February 2014

Lately I've Been

Photographing the sunrise out of my bedroom window.

Cooking good Slimming World meals, like wrapless fajitas with sweet potato chips and lime jerk chicken with vegetable cous cous. Yum.
Smelling good. Love Katy Perry's fragrances.
Taking selfies in the loos at work.
Drinking Twinings Pomegranate green tea. Coordinating my hair with my dresses...
Admiring the sunset from work (because it means it's nearly home time).
Watching Amelia play with Solo. LOVING yellow everything/anything.
Supporting Ash and his band. They played the BEST show I've seen them play a few weeks ago. I'm so proud.
Letting Ash wear my tshirts. Which is fine, because it looks so good on him.
Eating more cake than I should be.

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Rosie x


  1. Thanks for your sweet comment!
    Uuh, the sweet potato chips are mouth-watering!

    Have a wonderful week,

  2. What an absolutely amazing sunrise! Skies like that make getting up so much easier than pouring rain! There's no such thing as too much cake ;)

    Jennie xo |