Friday, 21 February 2014

Life Lately: Turning 23!

I'm another year older! Wow, 2013 just flew by, and then it was Christmas, and now my birthday's happened and OMG we will be in America soon. Mini-freakout over, let me tell you all about my bday celebrations!
Last Saturday, 20 of us got together at my house for pre-drinks (I made a new crazy cocktail and it was great, recipe soon!) before piling in to cars and heading to the Hobgoblin. After a couple of cocktails at home, the half a pint of Beesting I got at the Hob was enough to make me feel incredibly tipsy, so I tried to be sensible and stopped drinking for a while. Just before 11pm, we wandered over to Komedia in the centre of Bath and got our dancing heads on ready for Motorcity, the motown club night. For whatever reason, the bartenders kept charging me student prices, so before long I was well on my way to tipsy town again. Ash and I love Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5, and there was a moment during the night when we caught each others eye from across room after hearing the ABC intro... At 1.30am, we stumbled out of the club, and fell straight into neighbouring Schwartz Bros where I tucked into a cheeseburger before getting a taxi home. It was such a fabulous night and it was great to be surrounded by some of my best friends (especially Tom who's birthday was the day before mine! x)
On my actual birthday, the 19th, I had a baby lie in. When I was at school, my birthday was always in half term, and so it feels a bit strange to think I might have to go to work. So I booked it off! I got up just before Mum went to work to open some pressies, and enjoyed jelly beans for breakfast. After a lazy morning and lots of tea, Ash and I headed down to the tattoo shop where I got number 15. Then we drove in to Bath for burgers at GBK and cocktails at the Cosy Club, before bundling back home for dinner and wine with my family. We wrapped the day up by watching Blue Jasmine, which Ash bought me to get us excited for San Francisco (as if I needed any more excitement...)

Birthdays are always a bit overwhelming for me. It's weird to get a hundred people writing on your Facebook wall, texts from friends and colleagues from all over the place and amazing gifts from your nearest and dearest. I was SO incredible spoilt this year, but I'm actually going to save my pressies for another post. I still have some more celebrating to do this weekend, starting with a meal with my parents on Saturday and seeing Russell Howard on Sunday night.

23 is pretty good so far, and hopefully Blink 182 have got this one wrong.

Thank you to everyone who made my 23rd so special.
Rosie x


  1. Blue jasmine is an excellent film. I went to the cinema when it first came out. Woody Allen might not be getting the best press right now but he is an amazing writer/director.!

  2. Happy (belated) birthday! Looks like you had a fabulous day (and gorgeous polka dot dress by the way!)
    We're off to see Russell Howard tonight as well; I bought the other half tickets for his birthday last May - he's had to wait about 8 months or so for his present! :-) x

  3. love your dress in the 2nd picture! welcome to the 23 club hah

    from helen at

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