Monday, 24 February 2014

Turning 23

I totally understand that birthdays are not about what presents you receive, but about spending time with your loved ones. Well, that certainly has happened over the past week or so. I have such an amazing group of people in my life, and I was ridiculously spoilt this year though!
My parents chose to buy me some dollars, ready to treat myself to something whilst we're in America. It's getting so close that I'm starting to get nervous! But an excited-kinda-nervous, rather than a sick kind. They also managed to pick up an Urban Decay Naked 3 pallette which I can't wait to play with.
My incredibly talented friend Jade made me a record cake stand! It's so pretty and quirky and totally unique. I absolutely love it :) She also bought me a gorgeous travel journal which I can't wait to fill up whilst we're away.
These Blowfish Collect sandals from my sister are quite possibly my favourite present. They're just gorgeous! I've been watching them on eBay for months, so I was so happy to unwrap them. They're super comfy too, I think I might try and get the blue ones before we go away. The hokey cokey card from Bryony made me smile so much. I think it was my favourite.
Molly treated me to the new WAH Nails book, an awesome photo album, glittery Barry M polish and glow sticks!
Ash got me a Blondie greatest hits CD, About Time and Blue Jasmine DVDs, The Gaslight Anthem B Sides record and took me shopping!
The sweetest thing of all, though, has to be Amelia's attempt to copy her name in my birthday card. I can definitely see an A, an M and some kisses. She makes me SO happy.

Rosie x


  1. Happy Belated Birthday lovely!! :) I really hope you had a lovely time!
    When and where are you going to in America? :) I'm going to Florida at the end of the year and cannot wait.

    Ellis - Ellis Tuesday

  2. Can't wait to hear/read about your American adventures - I live over in the Mid West (after moving from Yorkshire) so I always love to hear how other people see America these days!