Thursday, 6 March 2014

365 x 2014 (February 26 - March 4)

57/365: My first cold of the year. It knocked me for 3 days. I did struggle through though, not needing any time off work, just annoying my colleagues with my sniffling and sneezing instead ;) Also, here's a peak at my new tattoo!
 58/365: WHY did I not try these jeans before? Topshop, I AM CONVERTED! I spent a gift card which my Grandparents gave me for my birthday on these, and I am packing them up and taking them off to America with me.
 59/365: Sparkly nails and sparkly cats eyes. Friday was sparkly.
60/365: Ash's band played again in Bristol. Lots of friends were there, it was great to catch up. My favourite friend, Captain Morgan, even showed up ;)
61/365: I reluctantly listed my Cambridge Satchel on eBay.. boo! But since buying my Bryn, I haven't used it. I hope it goes to a loving new home.
62/365: I spent some time with my niece teaching her how to write the alphabet. I'm pretty proud of her! She got distracted half way through and said she couldn't do it any more, but after a bit of convincing that Grandad would love it, she got all the way to Z.
63/365: On Tuesday, my Mum got a call to say her best friend probably wouldn't live to the end of the day and to visit her soon. She went with my Dad to the hospice to say her goodbyes, and we got the news in the evening that she'd passed. There was the most beautiful sunset set, which just seemed appropriate. Rest in peace, Kate. You'll be missed forever. x


  1. Your photography is fantastic, Rosie. Love the tattoo. Are they blue Joni's?! I adore them, so bought the black version, and the were terrible! I hate inconsistency in jeans, especially when they're supposed to be the same type! Fantastic news about Ash's band and it's great you got to catch up with peeps, oh, and congrats on your niece's handwriting - so wonderful when you can see them progress.

    So sorry to hear of your Mum's best friend passing - as you said, it certainly seems most poignant that the evening's sunset was particularly spectacular.


  2. Cute handbag- it would be tough for me to part with to.

  3. Sorry to hear about your Mum's friend. I love how varied this post is, I really feel like you've shared a slice of your week with us! I love the sparkly cats eyes - what a cute shirt/dress? Fabric? XX

  4. so sorry to hear about your Mum's friend, what a beautiful sunset.
    Love your nails and what is your boyfriends band called?! xx