Thursday, 20 March 2014

365 x 2014 (March 12 - 18)

71/365: My hair seems to have grown inches in no time at all! I've taken a leaf out of Rosie's book and am avoiding heat as much as possible - I honestly do think it's made a difference. This is what my hair looks like when it's been half dryed with a hair dryer, and half air dryed. Like a lion!
72/365: I had to pop into the town centre to the bank, and snapped this quickly on my phone. Although a lot of people talk down about Midsomer Norton, days like this made me realise it's not so bad.
 73/365: The fog! Another crazy weather shot to add to my collection.
 74/365: Bailey the big bear boy saying hello :)
75/365: We were out visiting Ash's family after watching the football, and I couldn't resist snapping the golden hour.
76/365: And so, the packing begins! This is the lovely travel bag Ash gave me for Christmas, which will be my hand luggage. It's so pretty :) Can't wait to visit the Cath Kidston shop at Heathrow!
77/365: Lists are my life right now. I've started this one at work, there's one on the whiteboard in our room and another on my phone. Petrified I'll forget something!

It's been a really weird week, catching up with work things before I'm off for so long whilst trying to pack and also live to some normality.
I can't quite believe I've almost hit 200 followers on Bloglovin, it would be great to get that before we leave next week!

Rosie x


  1. What a great idea to document your memories in such a simple but wonderful way. Absolutely love your new bag and adore the dogster - such a beautiful boy! x

  2. Um, so your new blog design is amazing! And not just because gray and yellow is my favorite color combo. Seriously, I love it. :) Great job!

  3. Hellooo! In response to your blog comment, yeah it's mainly the wind that makes it so cold, although it seems to run all the way through the city, not just near the bays! If you are prepared, it will be fine! :-). Oooo I'm excited for you, you are going to have a such a good time! xx

  4. I'm very much enjoying reading everyones 365 projects this year - Damn I should have stuck it out!