Tuesday, 11 March 2014

365 x 2014 (March 5 - 11)

64/365: The most beautiful sunrise I've seen so far this year. The clouds were scattered so tinily all over the sky.
65/365: I was finally awarded my Club 10, meaning I've lost 10% of my starting weight. I'm 2.5lbs from losing a stone and a half, and 12lbs from target... not long to go!
66/365: Friday treats. The butterscotch chocolate was just something else!
67/365: Does anything beat singing along to Jackson 5 on a Saturday night? I think not!
68/365: I've finally started to use my Honey by Marc Jacobs perfume which I got for Christmas. I'm definitely going to be taking it away with me too :) It just smells like spring time to me.
69/365: A rare trip out of the Somerset office to the London HQ was a lot of fun. After the meeting, I explored the offices and stumbled across this giant Willow in one of the lobbys! Our team was also taken for lunch at the Kensington Wine Rooms which was lovely - such a treat! I had the best crème brûlée ever.
70/365: Damage limitation began! All those sweet treats at the weekend are bound to catch up with my on the scales on Thursday...

Well, what a week. "Real life" has been so distracting, that I've relied a lot on my iPhone for this weeks photos. Hoping to break that habit for the last couple of weeks before we go away.
Have you had a good week?
Rosie x
PS. Don't forget to link me to your 365 project if you're doing one too!


  1. I really wanted to try a 365 project but I just found it hard to fit it into everyday. I guess having your iphone around is a good way to snap photos, maybe I should have thought of this instead of wimping out early haha. Maybe I can start in the middle of the year :)

    ~ K

  2. That green bag is so amazing! I really like the idea of the 365 project, might try it next year!

    xo Mélane