Monday, 7 April 2014

365 x 2014 - San Francisco & Las Vegas (March 26 - April 5)

And, we're back! We had such an incredible time in San Francisco and Las Vegas, and I'm sad that it's all over so quickly. We explored two amazing cities and already have hopes of returning to the US soon. But for now, I'd thought I'd continue my 365 Project with photo from my Instagram which I posted during our trip. I'll share some proper stories and photographs from our trip in the coming weeks.

85/365: Flight time! Neither of us had flown long-haul before, but the 10 hours 40 minutes in the air went surprisingly quickly. I watched Despicable Me 2, Don Jon and The Dallas Buyers Club - all three were pretty good!
86/365: This view took my breath away. It felt like everything we'd been waiting for, for over a year was finally here. We drove over the bridge and then stopped for photos, before touring the rest of the city to get our bearings.
87/365: Here we go Giants! The ballpark was huge, the beer was expensive and the popcorn came in gigantic cones. They lost to local rivals Oakland Athletics but the atmosphere was still really amazing  -  better than any football or rugby match I've been too!
88/365: Our first really rainy day in San Francisco! We had a before-breakfast stroll up Lombard Street, the windiest street in the world. It was incredibly steep, lots of leg work involved. I didn't feel so guilty about all the burgers when I finally got to the top ;)
89/365: Another up-hill stroll! This one found us on Alamo Square, a gorgeous park where you can find some Painted Ladies. We walked from Haight/Ashbury down to the square, and saw so many beautiful houses on the way.
90/365: After days of eating crap (mostly just burgers and fries) I felt like I needed some fruit... blueberry pancakes from Denny's was as close as I got.
91/365: The view of the Golden Gate from Ghirardelli Square whilst we were queuing for the cable car on a rainy San Franciscan day.
92/365: Hotel room selfie before we left for Vegas! As you can see, Ash was very excited to get to Sin City!
93/365: We took a helicopter trip out to the Grand Canyon, and it was the most breathtaking thing every! At the bottom, we had a champagne breakfast and took lots of photos. I was one of my favourite moments of our trip.
94/365: The fountains at the Bellagio were gorgeous, especially at night. I loved them so much that I made Ash go back with my the next day :)
95/365: The view from our room, in the Luxor Hotel (the big pyramid!) We overlooked the Sphinx, and if you looked left you could see more of the Strip.


  1. These are amazing, Rosie. I'm so pleased you had such an awesome time, though I feel your pain re: being back home and feeling like it's all been a bit of a whirlwind. 'tis always the way!!

    It's great you've had a chance to document your trip, however, and I look forward to hearing more about it :D


  2. Looks like an amazing trip! I'd love to go on an American road trip one day! :) xxx
    The Jolly Fashionista

  3. It looks like you had such an amazing trip! We got back from Vegas last october and seeing these photos makes me want to go back so much! Our next little road trip is hopefully going to be San Fran, so I loved seeing your photos from there too!
    Have a lovely week!

  4. You guys!! Too cute!!
    Looks like you had a totally wonderful time and I'm sooooo jel! I love those houses on Alamo Square, behind you. You look lovely in all these pics Rosie, your hair is perfect! :-)

  5. wow, these pictures are amazing! I love the one of Lombard street.