Wednesday, 7 May 2014

San Francisco, California (according to my iPhone)

I can't believe that we've been home for a whole month. In some ways, it feels like only yesterday we were enjoying California. In others, it could have been a life time ago. I fell totally in love with San Francisco, and the Californian way of life.
We stayed at the Holiday Inn Fisherman's Wharf, and enjoyed a whole week of exploring the Bay. From sea lions to Alcatraz, baseball to cocktails, I will remember those seven days spent with Ash forever.

Here are some peeks of what we got up to from my iPhone. I hope to share some more details and photos about our trip soon.
Seeing the Golden Gate Bridge took  my breath away. I caught a glimpse of it from the plane as we flew in to land, and even that put a lump in my throat. But on our first full day when we ventured towards the International Orange land mark, I honestly felt like I'd accomplished something. It was a very special moment.
Here we go Giants!!! We were lucky enough to get some quite cheap tickets to see a pre-season San Francisco Giants vs Oakland Athletics game at AT&T Park. The atmosphere at the baseball was better than any sporting event (or gig!) that I've ever been too. It was friendly and fun, and there was lots of singing and chants. The beers were the only let down - $10 each! We were far too used to the $5 beers on the waterfront by then ;) Both of us picked up Giants shirts from the store next door, and since we've been home we've been recording their games on ESPN/BT Sport so we can follow them this season.
We learnt that when it rains in Frisco, it bloody pours! Before breakfast one morning we got on our rain coats and walked uphill to Lombard Street. If you've visited SF before, you know that the hills are quite a challenge! We arrived at the top feeling a bit tired and damp, but seeing the city shrouded in rain was worth it - the views were just as good. The walk back down the hill was more challenging than going up - slippery sidewalks plus a steep descent, I'm surprised neither of us fell on our bums! We sheltered inside Starbucks for breakfast, before deciding that a trip to the Aquarium of the Bay would be a good way to spend a few hours out of the rain.
My favourite evening was definitely when we cruised the San Francisco Bay. The sunset was incredible! I will definitely put up a whole post about this soon because I took hundreds of photographs.
One sunny morning we travelled from our hotel on the bus to Haight/Ashbury for breakfast. The houses in the area were something else! So grand and colourful. The shops are adorned with portraits of musical heroes; peace and love was everywhere. We strolled down to Alamo Square with full tummies to see the Painted Ladies. The park was full of dog walkers and sun bathers -  I loved how no one seems to be rushing in San Fran.
The viewing platform overlooking the sea lions at Pier 39 quickly became my favourite spot. It was fun to watch them play and snooze in the sunshine, and the views from the Pier to Alcatraz Island were amazing.
We left San Francisco having fallen in love with the city and everything in it. But we were still bursting with excitement to arrive in Las Vegas!
Rosie x

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  1. Beautiful photos, are they really all from your iPhone? The quality is so good.

  2. love!

  3. I love the city, I have been to SFO two times and hope to come back soon!
    Wanna follow each other?