Saturday, 28 June 2014

Lets go Giants! - San Francisco Giants at AT&T Park

We caught the bus from outside our hotel with the intention of taking it to the end of the line, near AT&T Park. But we got about half way there, and road works meant that we had to get off the bus - they run through electric overhead wires, so they can't just divert around the block! We wandered around for half an hour or so, and eventually found ourselves at the ball park.

The atmosphere was buzzing! We went into 'The Pub' for burgers and sweet potato fries before wandering around The Dug Out (merch store) and picking out our new Giant's shirts. I noticed straight away how excited everyone was for the game - a pre-season friendly with local rivals, Oakland Athletics. We bought our tickets from StubHub, which I've never used before so I was slightly worried about them, but we got scanned through, given free Giant's baseball hats, grabbed some Bud's and found our seats.

Neither of us knew that much about baseball, but after a few innings, we were into it. Everyone was in to it. There were chants, songs, kiss cams, the guy you always see on TV selling churros and popcorn! It was everything I thought going to see American sport would be - and more.
Darkness fell pretty quickly, and unfortunately the Giants lost - but it didn't matter! We had an incredible evening at AT&T Park, falling in love with a new sport and enjoying the atmosphere. Since being back in the UK, we try to watch as many Giants games as we can on TV (BT Sports covers lots of MLB games.) 
Lets go Giants!


  1. I'm not a big sports fan but I do like sweet potatoes!

  2. I've lived in the US for coming on three years in November and still never been to a baseball game, it's the one American sport that bores me when it's on the TV for some reason. Looks a fun experience all the same.

  3. I'll be in San Francisco in November so if there is any baseball on, I'll defo go watch it. Looks like a fun experience.

  4. I'm heading to San Francisco in September and I'm super excited about. I really want to go to a baseball game while I'm in the states (I'll be on a road trip for three weeks), so do you think it's worth doing? It looks like you had a bunch of fun!

  5. Lovely photos! Baseball is one of those stereotypical American things that I'd like to experience one day in the future! Looks like you had a great day :) xx