Sunday, 17 August 2014

Helicopter to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas

It was 5am. We'd got back to our room only hours before after spending our evening at The Rio Hotel watching Penn and Teller. My alarm sounded like the loudest thing in the world. But we got ourselves out of bed, dressed, and headed downstairs to the lobby. Much to our amazement, Starbucks was already open! We grabbed a couple of lattes and headed outside to wait for our pick up. After a few minutes, our black stretch limo turned around the corner and in we climbed. Within minutes, we arrived at the airfield to prepare ourselves for moments we will never forget. A helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon! It was at least another hour until we went out onto the airfield to meet our pilot. In that time, we watched the sunrise over the desert, helicopter shadows all around. I used the Wifi and posted up photos of our view, just to make my work colleagues a little bit jealous #iminvegasyoureatwork 
Our pilot, whos name escapes me, gave us a safety briefing and kitted us out with yellow life belt packs, before helping us into the helicopter and preparing us for take off. To our surprise, it was a lot more steady than most of the aeroplanes I've been on! We took off over the Las Vegas strip, and really glimpse of all the hotels from above.
Before long, we were over the desert. Our headphones were connected to a recording which explained what we were flying over, and every now and then, a song played too. We travelled over the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the Colorado River, and after 45 minutes in the air, began our descent into the Canyon.
Our trip included a champagne breakfast after landing. We enjoyed a mini muffin, breakfast bars, orange juice, fruit and bubbly, whilst awing in wonder of the colours around us. The sky was so bright, even just after sunrise, and there was a chill in the air - the perks of going early is to avoid the desert heat!
Before long, we were back up in the air and on our way back to Vegas. I thought our views of the hotels on the way out were incredible, but on the way back it was something else. Our pilot flew quite low to a lot of the hotels and I managed to get some photos through the window.

This trip was one that I will NEVER forget. It was one thing to go in a helicopter, but another to fly to the Canyon and fly over the Las Vegas strip. We booked our trip through Viator (here) and it cost us just over £200 each, but it was worth every penny.

Rosie x


  1. The Grand Canyon from the air looks awesome, so many colours and lovely clear skies.

  2. What an experience those views are incredible!